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The Cameroon GCE Advanced Level GCE 2020 Results released at the Advanced level is the most awaken moment for the students preparing to emerge from secondary to university education. It is the results that determines who is eligible to move ahead and who still has to try again.

The A Level (Advanced Level) is a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification

The Advance level of Cameroon is based on the Cambridge International Examinations and similarly, conducted by the Cameroon GCE Board in collaboration with Cambridge university. All the courses taken are related to what the candidate is willing to pursue as career in university and these courses are on a recognizable internationally standard for university entrance; as they are major relevant courses. You can select between 3 and 5 courses during your advance level studies, prior taken your advance level examination on which

GCE Advanced level examinations are normarly meant for candidates who have acquired a pass in at least for pappers at the GCE ordinary level. The minimum number of subject that can be registered at the GCE Advanced Level is two (2).


A pass at the GCE Advanced Level is consider to be a pass in at least two Advanced Level papers. The letter grades used are F, O, E, D, C, B and A, with A being the best grade and F being the worse. Pass grades begins from E which one point to A which is 5 points.

Advanced Level GCE 2020 Results
Advanced Level GCE 2020 Results

The maximum papers that can be registered by a candidate at the GCE Advanced Level is five (5), hence maximum points that can be obtained by a candidate is 25 points.

Passing th GCE Advanced Level is always seen as a major transition in the educational and soceital life of every schooling person. From the word advanced, it implies that by the time you are passing that level your brain and way of thinking must have been advanced enough to be able to anylise real-time situations. Uniforms are no more, hence a veil has been removed and now the world can see who you are clearly so you too should be able to see the world clearly.

It is my wish to see that the Advanced Level GCE 2020 result in Cameroon should be an emensed success for all candidates, hence I encourage all students who are to sit in as candidates for the June 2020 session of the Cameroon General certificate of Education Examination to take upon themselves the challenge and start the preparations right away to avoid being embarassed after the result released.

Success is never an easy thing and you don’t have to be comfortable before doing the right things. Just chose to do what is right and you shall make.

Wishing all candidates a successful Advanced Level GCE 2020 results in advance.

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