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Founded in Cameroon in the year 1987, Afriland First Bank was initially known as Caisse Commune d’Epargne et d’Investissement (CCEI). Its first counter opened at the current site of the Retirement Agency in Yaounde. It mainly had clientele individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) when it went functional on July 1st, 1988. During that period, the bank had much to prove to owe to the global economic environment that was characterized by unfavorable economic conditions and a generalized bankruptcy of financial institutions operating in the country.

Despite the challenges, Afriland First Bank is currently significantly developing its network in Cameroun and now has about forty branches spread through the ten regions of the country. After the rough years, in 2014 Afriland First Bank was ranked as the first bank in Cameroon and second in Central Africa.

Major features and changes in the Afriland First bank since its creation

Before 2008:

  • July 1987: Acquisition of operation license for Caisse Commune d’Epargne et d’Investissement
  • March 1994: Business name change from Caisse Commune d’Epargne et d’Investissement to “CCEI-BANK”
  • May 1994: Establishment of CCEI-Bank Equatorial Guinea
  • November 1995: Establishment of the Business Office in Paris
  • September 2000: Establishment of the Business Office in Pointe Noire
  • July 2001: the establishment of the Business Office in Beijing
  • January 2002: Change of business name from CCEI-Bank Cameroon to Afriland First Bank
  • May 2003: License for Afriland First Bank Sao Tomé e Principe is obtained
  • June 2005: License for Afriland First Bank Democratic Republic of Congo is obtained

From 2008 to date:

  • March 2008: Establishment of Afriland First Group in Geneva – Switzerland
  • February 2010: Purchase of 80% shares of Intermarket Bank of Zambia
  • March 2011: Acquisition of operation license for Afriland First Bank Liberia
  • May 2012: Acquisition of operation license for Afriland First Bank South Sudan
  • November 2012: Establishment of Afriland First Bank Guinea
  • November 2013: Purchase of 97% of Access Bank Ivory Coast leading to the establishment of Afriland First Bank Ivory Coast

Values of the bank (Afriland First Bank – International)

To bring forth the best of their services, Afriland holds at heart the following;

  • Work is the only fountain of, wealth, corporate, and personal growth.
  • The customer’s interest is put first.
  • Sources of progress are courtesy, personal development, humility, and information.
  • Equity is a source of social cohesion and growth.
  • Common sense demands that decision making should be by agreement.
  • Time invested in personal development is the most profitable.
  • Savings are the way to economic and social progress.
  • The enterprise is a combat organ; its employees are the generals and soldiers.
  • Its banking and financial duties honor it with more responsibilities which are:

the responsibility to efficiently take part in the growth of our Cameroon to make her its pride

the responsibility to foster applied research, scientific, economic, and social progress

the responsibility to guarantee the consistency of progress with national culture

  • Innovation drives progress like nothing else.
  • Experience is the sum of all mistakes made: unintentional mistakes are considered as a learning experience, while recurrent mistakes are looked-upon as grave errors against the common interest. Deliberate actions against company fundamental standards are not tolerated.

With all that has so far been said, what summarizes best the philosophy held at Afriland is “The Pact with success”. Its banking units in addition to service providers offer a touch of care with every client, collaborator, and partner. Through expertise and smart funding, it supports its customers in the realization of their goals and dreams.  

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