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Andre Mama Fouda biography

The former Minister of Public Health in the Republic of Cameroon was born on the 24th of July 1951 at the Obobogo District in Yaounde III– Mfoudi Division. The practicing Catholic is married to Atangana Yvonne Marriette and they are parents to four (04) children. The Civil Engineer surprisingly was appointed as the Minister of Public Health in 2007 (has been replaced by Dr. Manaouda Malachie), Andre Mama Fouda is currently serving as the first President of the Board of Directors at the Hospital Center for Research and Application in Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproduction (Chracerh).


Having his Childhood and teenage days in Yaounde, he attended secondary school at the François-Xavier Vogt School from where he obtained a Baccalaureate C in 1971. He tend moved to the National Polytechnic School of Yaounde (ENSP) where he obtained a degree of Civil Engineering in Public Works and Building in 1974. Hs is also a graduate of Management from the HEC group in Jouy-en-Josas in France.

Andre Mama Fouda

Professional career

  • He was first employed by Societe Immobiliere du Cameroun (SIC) as an engineer on the 1st of November, 1974,
  • He became the Head of Maintenance Services by January the next year.
  • On the 1st of July 1976, he  was the Head of the Coastal Agency.
  • He was later appointed as the  Head of Property Management Department at the Directorate on the 1st of July 1979
  • Director of Real Estate Management as of July 01, 1981.
  • Chief Operating Officer – July 01, 1986
  • Interim CEO from July 1990 to December 1990 of SIC.
  • He then became the CEO of Urban and Rural Land Development and Equipment Mission (MAETUR) and served from 1991 to 2007 when he joined the Government.
  • He was appointed the Minister of Public Health on September 07, 2007
  • By presidential decree, he was appointed the first President of the Board of Directors at the Hospital Center for Research and Application in Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproduction (Chracerh).

The Chracerh is mainly responsible for research in endoscopy and human reproduction. It is expected to lead the country in public health services such as endoscopic surgery, human reproduction by the use of in vitro fertilization and many other techniques that are not commonly done in other health facilities in the country.

Andre Mama Fouda as the minister of health

The balance sheet of Andre Mama Fouda has been described by some as without change. There are reports of reduced prevalence of HIV/AIDS and many reforms in the Public Health Sector. He has been described to take credit where he did not deserve as the Minister; most of the strides in the Public Health sector were by the front line medical and public health personnel and that he only built on what was established by his predecessor that had been Incarcerated – Professor Urbain Olanguena Awono. His critics usually refer to a quote from him which they described as lame “Cameroonians consume salt too much…and it’s too bad”.

The Former Public Health boss was then appointed to his present post on September 20, 2018. The Chracerh would not be a strange place for him as he had the Minister in charge of affaiirs of the health sector including Chracerh.

Andre Mama Fouda as a politician

As a politician, he is an active member of the CPDM central committee and is the President of the CPPDM Section for Mfoudi III. From 2002 to 2007 he served as the CPDM major of the Municipality.

Described by many as incompetent, the engineer served as the Minister of Public Health from 2007 to 2018 (more than 10 years). As the President of the Board of Directors of another health structure, more is expected from him and only future activities and growth of Chracerh can assess his impact.

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