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Banking institutions are no longer a thing for others as in the past. Individuals and enterprises of all sizes can obtain suitable financial solutions with banks for their projects. BICEC is a French acronym standing for “Banque Internationale du Cameroun pour l’Eparge et le Credit”. It is one of the largest known financial institutions in Cameroon and a reliable one to recommend. 

History of BICEC

The institution BICEC was set up on the 14th of March 1997 after the liquidation of BICIC that occurred under extremely challenging economic conditions.

In March 1997 BICEC was established after a decision by the Board of Directors of BICIC. The new entity saw its management handed over to Groupe Banque Populaire. GBP had a mission to make the Bank profitable and draw its way towards privatization. This mission was successfully realized within 3 years as initially requested.

BICEC became in the year 2000 a subsidiary of le Groupe Banque Populaire which later became in 2011 le Groupe Banque Populaire Caisse d’Epargne (Groupe BPCE).

The changes went on paving the way for BICEC which became a subsidiary of Groupe BCP (Banque Centrale Populaire) on October 1st, 2019.

In Africa, BCP is the sixth-largest banking group in terms of equity with a remarkable presence in thirty countries. As a subsidiary of BCP, partners, and customers of BICEC benefit from the support of the well-established banking group. Their expertise is made available as a means of providing added value to the Cameroonian economy.

Values of the institution

La Banque Internationale du Cameroun pour l’Eparge et le Credit (BICEC) is built around 4 core values which are:

Proximity: being present for their clients and partners regardless of time and distance limits Citizenship: operating for the satisfaction of citizens in countries where it is functional

Performance: performing its duties and obligations as expected

Innovation: striving now and always to provide un-to-date financial solutions for clients and partners

Organization of BICEC

BICEC is an institution structured around 3 main poles:

  • Decision-making Pole:

The Board of Directors

The Executive Management

The Executive Committee

  • Operational Pole:

The General Secretariat

The Central Departments

The Divisions

  • The network Pole

Centre/South/East Region

Littoral Region

West Region

South West Region

North Region

Each post in the various poles is held and managed by men and women who consistently embrace strategies in a bid to:  

  • Provide the finest financial services and products tailored to meet the needs of clients.
  • Provide the best customer care to customers.
  • Be keen on the clients’ needs.
  • Consolidate their presence and reputation across the national territory of Cameroon via the opening of more branches.

Who can benefit from the offers of BICEC?

As earlier said, access to banking services and products are no longer a thing for a particular set of persons. Today, a wide range of financial solutions are made available to everyone. If you are one of the following, you can immediately locate the nearest BICEC bank for potential propositions.

  • Private customers
  • Civil servants
  • Students
  • Professionals, SMEs, SMIs
  • Farmers
  • Corporate
  • Institutions

The thing to retain is, BICEC is a financial institution that has gone through rocky grounds from its creation. It has successfully built for itself an image which over the years has drawn many clients and business partners. With over 380 000 customers, more than 700 employees, and 37 branches BICEC stands out as a reference international bank in 30 countries in Africa.

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