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Camtel Cameroon is the oldest national Internet and telecommunications service provider in the country. Created in the year 1998, as a result, the company has over time developed its network availability in the country. Its services equally include the provision of genuine Access to a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) networks; the installation of optical fiber cables. Camtel 4G Connection Settings are usually not known by many people. One of its recent endeavors is the digitization of telephone exchanges in the country. With about 150,000 telephones, Camtel has 47 telephone exchange points which constitute its national cable network.

Vision and strategy of Camtel

Currently, Camtel is wrapping up with its 2020 vision to be the national leader of the digital transformation and maintain an active presence at the sub-regional level. To achieve this to the end, Camtel makes use of up-to-date infrastructures to meet up needs of the new economy service. Camtel specifically operates to attain this vision by:

  • Developing a reliable, strong, and extended wideband of telecommunication infrastructures;
  • Offering fixed and mobile telephony services at the lowest cost and of high-quality;
  • Placing at the heart of its HR policy the value and commitment of all its workers.

How to Set up APN Internet Configuration on mobile phones for Camtel network (Camtel 4G Connection Settings)

For many persons, setting up internet configuration for MTN and Orange Cameroon networks is as easy as running USSD code however, Camtel 4G Connection Settings on the other hand is a different thing and some people do not know even know Camtel internet can be used directly on mobile phones. In order to resolve this configuration problem definitely, follow the steps below to install the Camtel internet setting.

  • Name: Camtel
  • APN: Camtel
  • Username: Not Set
  • Password: Not Set
  • Proxy: (Blank – not set)
  • Port: (Blank – not set)
  • Server: (Blank)
  • MMSC: (Blank)
  • Multimedia Message proxy: (Blank)
  • Multimedia message port: (Not Set)
  • MCC: (default) it will be automatically displayed
  • MNC: (default) it will be automatically displayed
  • Authentication type: (None)
  • APN type: (default)
  • APN protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: Unspecified
  • Virtual mobile network operator: (none)

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How to Setup APN Internet Configuration for Camtel Network on Router or Modem

The brands of routers and modems used in Cameroon are numerous but the outstanding and most used of them is Huawei. Because of this popularity of Huawei router or MIFI, below are the steps to follow for internet configuration on these mobile devices.

  • First off, open a browser of your choice (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc).
  • Go to address space and input exactly (or if the other doesn’t work).
  • Go to the field “Connection Settings” then enter your Username and Password. The default info here is Username: admin and Password: admin.
  • Click on “Profile Management”
  • Next step, click on “New Profile”.
  • In the Profile Name field type in “Camtel”, same in the field APN name.
  • Click on the “Save” button and that’s it.

Quick reminder: before you set out to configure Camtel 4G connection on your device, make sure you have:

  • A smartphone adapted for 4G technology
  • A modem or MIFI adapted for 4G technology
  • A Camtel preactivated 4G data SIM card

We’ll end this article by recalling that though Camtel seems to be a much-feared mobile network in Cameroon owing to its “costly” reputation, however the truth is far from that.Further, Camtel offers a wide list of extremely good internet bundles at very unbeatable prices. Besides this, current users of its internet services can attest to the reliability of its coverage.

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