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Camtel Cameroon – Telecom Operator

Camtel Cameroon is the oldest national Internet service and telecommunications provider in the country. Created in 1998, the company has been busy developing its network nationwide, including the provision of reliable Access to a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) networks; the installation of optical fiber lines along the highway between Kribi and Lolodorf, between Douala and Yaoundé. It is also working on the digitization of telephone exchanges in the country. Camtel has 47 telephone exchanges with about 150,000 telephone lines constituting its cable network.

Evolution of telecommunication with Camtel Cameroon

In Cameroon, the telecommunications sector is still quite underdeveloped according to world standards. However, a huge step for Cameroon’s mobile telecom sector was achieved in 2013 with the approval of the 3G mobile license. The Vietnamese mobile phone company Viettel joined the list of mobile phone providers in Cameroon via its subsidiary Nexttel, as the first 3G provider. Alongside the three already existing mobile operators, Nexttell came in last to contribute to the increase in national GDP.

Camtel Cameroon – Telecom Operator

The major telecommunications service provider in Cameroon before the year 2000 was state-owned and known as Camtel. This national telecom company provides telephony and internet services nationwide and to date remains the sole provider of fixed-line telephony.

As a prominent mobile operator in Cameroon, Camtel is fiercely involved in the growth and modernization of telecoms in the country. Concerned by its desire to guarantee an irreproachable quality of the national offer in the telecom sector, the company has invested much in its infrastructure. Camtel makes use of recent tech that ensure quality and availability of telecommunication solutions among which:

• The operation and administration of submarine cables currently operational at the 04 landing points: SAT3 in Douala, WACS in Limbé, NCSCS (Cameroon-Nigeria), and Sail (Cameroon-Brazil) to Kribi.

• The development and operation of the 12 000 km national backbone in fiber optics installed. This  links the 10 regions of the country and comprises extensions to the neighboring counties: Chad, RCA, Equatorial Guinea, Congo, and Gabon;

• Functioning of a complete digitized fixed telephony network,

• Functioning of a CDMA technology in telephony network;

• Operation of 03 Earth stations aimed for use on at specialized networks and satellite communications;

• Development and execution of mobile telephony 4G/UMTS access network;

• The storage and management of large mass development data in a center of type TIER3 in Zamengoé.

Vision and strategy of Camtel

Camtel is currently wrapping up its 2020 vision to be the leader of the digital transformation both at the national sub-regional level. This is been done via the inclusion of up-to-date infrastructures in the new economy service. To attain this vision, Camtel operates by

• Developing a robust, resilient, and extended wide-band of telecom infrastructures;

• Offering fixed and mobile services at the lowest prices and of high-quality;

• Placing the value and commitment of its workers at the heart of its HR policy.

List of general managers

Since its creation, Camtel has had a succession of leaders who each took up the challenge of providing better mobile and fixed telephony services to its users. The table below outlines the duration and identity of each of its GMs.

PeriodName and surname
2018-Judith YAH SUNDAY
2005-2018David NKOTO EMANE
xxxx-2005Emmanuel NGUIAMBA NLOUTSIRI
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