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In modern times, having a phone is a necessity but having one with which you can access the world from wherever you are, is even better. With CAMTEL free Internet, get yourself some Gigabytes and enjoy social media like never before.

Mobile Internet offers by CAMTEL (CAMTEL Free Internet)

What is FAKO?

FAKO is an internet offer designed for your internet solutions on your mobile devices; internet keys and 3G/4G modem.

With a speed rate of up to 150 Mbps per second, get your ideal CAMTEL FAKO offers here.

What is MBOA?

MBOA is an offer developed for your unlimited fixed telephony, TV, fixed solutions, unlimited ADSL/fiber internet, and bonus mobile internet.

It makes use of Fiber Optics to offer you innovative high-performance technology and gives you an authentic navigation experience.

This service is already available in many areas across the country and all you need to do is inquire if you have 100% eligibility for the MBOA service (Fibre or ADSL). You can equally inquire about the availability of the MBOA service at your residence by calling CAMTEL customer care or by visiting a CAMTEL office.

How do you subscribe to an MBOA offer?

Your subscription can be done in just two steps

Step 1: compose your application file with the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your national identification card (CNI) or resident card for foreigners.
  • An explicit location map (6 copies)
  • A subscription request form to download here or to be withdrawn from the agency

Step 2: File submission

Once your file for the MBOA offer is ready, visit a CAMTEL branch to meet an agent and subscribe. The sales team will provide you with any support needed to confirm if you are eligible and finalize your demand.

After your application is validated, Camtel freely takes care of your installation.

For buildings that are already connected, Camtel commits itself within a maximum of 14 business days to put into service your MBOA line. Camtel technicians will contact you to schedule an installation appointment. You can access MBOA offers right here ( )

MBOA offers you the possibility to apply for a transfer if you are changing residence in the same town. If the new locality is eligible for the service, a transfer fee of 10 000 FCFA will be requested of you.  How do I switch from one MBOA offer to another?

What is the Double Play offer by Camtel (CAMTEL Free Internet)

Camtel’s Double Play offer is a service pack that offers you extreme high-speed fixed-line telephony and Internet access. To benefit from this you must get a subscription to MBOA XS 4Mbps at a cost of 14 900 FCFA or MBOA S 8Mbps at a cost of 24 900 FCFA.

What is Camtel’s Triple and Quadruple Play offer?

Camtel’s Triple Play offer is similar to the previous, it offers very high speed fixed Internet and telephony services but has TV services in addition. To benefit from this, you must get a subscription to MBOA M 12Mbps at 29 900 FCFA or MBOA L 16Mbps at 39 900.

With the Quadruple Play, besides the services mentioned for the first two, you get two mobile Internet subscriptions on two different chips. Benefit from this package by subscribing to MBOA XL 18Mbps 49 900 FCFA or MBOA XXL 20Mbps at 59 900.

 Get access to Camtel free internet and benefit from high speed internet for all your mobile devices. Rush now to the nearest Camtel office and end your days of saving MBs for later use.

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