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The CNPS (National Social Security Fund) Cameroon is a body created within the general policy framework of the government. Its mission is to ensure the provision of family and social protection legislation services for the benefit of individuals and families. As will be seen subsequently, these services cover three social security branches.

Relevance of the National Social Security – CNPS Cameroon

In Cameroonian, the social security system is centered on togetherness; those admitted to assert their pension rights can rely on those who are called to serve. Similarly, it should be recalled that the major funding source for CNPS activities remains the social contributions paid monthly by employers, employees, and voluntary policyholders.

Besides, financial and economic promising investments had to be undertaken to satisfy the expectations of an uncertain socio-economic environment. Real estate became the best option in enabling the organization to fulfill its obligations towards upcoming generations. Concretely speaking, this was done in January 2010 by the acquisition of the CAMAIR building in Paris and the rehabilitation of n ° 1 ministerial building in Yaounde among others. Each of these deals is part of the investment policy directed towards productive sectors and guaranteeing security and financial sustainability.

This social insurance organization equally invests in the constant amelioration of health care services, as part of its social and health plan of action. Through this, the acquisition of new technology equipment has so far enabled the in-depth modernization of the technical aspects of hospital structures.

Indeed, in the context of conservation of long-term financing of social benefits guarantees, numerous innovations have been made.  This is accompanied by balancing the organization’s management according to international social security standards.

Since November 3rd, 2014, the CNPS has brought forth social protection services and benefits for self-employed individuals, who can register for voluntary insurance. An added advantage of this social coverage extension process is the possibility of registering under one of the 38 social welfare centers the organization has on a voluntary ground. This can be done for all ages with proof of parental consent for minors.

The prior concern at the CNPS is to provide full support in present times while preserving the future of the socially insured.


Services provided by CNPS Cameroon

Pension, Disability, Old-age, Death (PVID)

To be eligible to claim the old-age, death, pension, and invalidity social benefit, the insured person requesting (or on whose behalf it is requested) must have totally and ceased from all salaried activity.

The salaried activity in this insurance branch is counted in months of insurance which stands for any month during which the insured occupied 15 days or a hundred hours at a job subjected to a pension plan. The insured must have equally received during the said period, a salary at least equal to the minimum inter-professional guaranteed salary (SMIG).

Occupational risks (RP)

To claim the benefits under occupational risks, the demander must:

  • be entitled to a work accident or an occupational disease social insurance followed by death or be a social insured victim of a work accident or an occupational disease.
  • declare the accident at work or occupational disease during the time-lapse specified by law.

Family Benefits (AF)

This branch was specifically set up for the benefit of workers referred to in Article 1 of the Cameroon Labor Code. Such workers include all natural persons who in Cameroon have exercised a seasonal, permanent, or occasional professional activity under the authority/direction of one or more natural or legal persons, either public or private known as employers, who in return for their work pay them remuneration.

In general, the services and benefits offered by CNPS Cameroon know no discrimination on the grounds of gender or nationality. Moreover, the quality of each insured individual or family is acquired upon job hiring. This is regardless of the legal status of the employer, their family relationship with the employer, and equally the nature of the current employment contract.

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