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Coco Emelia – biscuit de mer

COCO EMELIA MAFEU alias BISCUIT DE MER is a 31year Cameroonian influencer of Bamileke origin. Her name recently made rounds on the internet after she got married to Francis Mvemba. She has also been recently brought to the spotlight by the live broadcasted reality show “Les Lifeuses“. She is unnoticeably beautiful, has a great sense of style and fashion, usually wears perfect makeup and is all crowned with a perfect body shape. She is also a mother of a teenager. She

Coco Emelia’s career

She is one of the most influential women in Africa (French Cameroon). She is also a socialite, Founder and CEO of INCE Corporation and brand ambassador.

But, these are not the reasons for her stardom, she is mostly known known from her social media influence under the name “Biscuit de Mer” which she owes to the late Dj Arafat of Côté d’Ivoire. Her great social media personality projected her and she was selected to be part of the cast of the reality live show “Les Lifeuses”

Les Lifeuses

The live TV production team started sharing live images of the show on December 26, 2020 with Fabrice Sawegnon, the owner of the channel. Coco Emelia was life with other great African Influencers like Nathalie Koah, Suy Fatem, and Emma Lohoues each of whom have great personalities and character. She was the second Cameroonian and the others were Ivoirians. Just few months into the show, she was absent from the screens and had this to say on Instagram “I am officially no longer one of the lifeuses, so my darlings, we keep fishing and we move on.” Without any reason given for her decision, many suspect it is due to the presence of a man in her life – Francis Mvemba.

Coco Emelia and Francis Mvemba

Recently, the rather secretive celebrity started sharing images of her new lover. In fact, on Feb 3, 2021, images taken during the payment of her dowry were posted on her Instagram profile. Francis Mvemba (Coco Emelia’s lover) is a successful businessman and Congolese politician born in Zaire. His family migrated to France, he grew up in Tarterêts in Corbeil-Essonnes. He started a football career which he terminated in 2005, he also started a transport company (Lefranc services) which went bankrupt by 2007. He returned to his country of origin where he started business in the extraction and sale of gold and diamonds. In 2008 the company Promeyus Europe GmbH was formed and it specialized in imports and exports, it shut its doors in August 2010 due to insufficient assest. He became the manager of Euphrasia Capital Limited. He later resigned in 2016 to pursue his political dreams. He is the founder of the Emergence Party of Congo (PEC) and was one of the presidential candidates in the 2018 presidential elections.

Coco Emelia and Francis Mvemba

Coco Emelia’s Dowry (Bride Price)

The amount usually required to be paid by the man in the African setting as a requirement before marriage was rumored to be up to 250million FCFA ($450.000 US Dollars). The amount has brought controversy and is thought by some to deviate from the ancestral reason behind the Bride Prices.

Coco Emelia Fights with Nathalie Koah over Samuel Eto’o

She is also known for her social media fight with Nathalie Koah after the snapchat acoount – Kamer A1 started claiming she was a sex escort who sends nudes to footballers and married men. They later released a photo of her with Samuel Eto’o to which Nathalie Koah reacted and some heated online posting and reposting took place.


The businesswoman is the owner of luxury cars, a villa and has an estimated net worth of 150million FCFA ($250.000)

Also referred to as the “Kim Kardashian” of Cameroon, she portrays herself as someone who is living the best of what life has to offer; numerous travels, vacations and more. Try visiting her social media accounts (Instagram – Biscuit de Mer) for more.

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