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Express Union Mobile Money Cameroon is a mobile telephony service provided by the financial company EXPRESS UNION. It enables detainees of an account to carry out financial transactions directly from their mobile phone and independent of the mobile operator they are subscribed to. In simple terms, it is the possibility to carry your bank account around at all times.

What can you do with EU mobile money?

This mobile wallet which is linked to your bank account permits you to:

  • Execute remote and direct cash deposits into your account (it could equally be done by a third party);
  • Execute remote and direct withdrawals from your account; (non-applicable for third parties)
  • Send money to third parties (known as P to Cash);
  • Execute money transfers from one EU Mobile Money account to another (known as P to P);
  • Settle bills with partner companies (CAMRIAL, ENEO, CAMTEL, CDE);
  • Pay school fees for various educational institutions including universities;
  • Verify what amount is charged for a specific operation;
  • Consult your transactions and account balance;
Express Union Mobile Money

What does EU mobile money guarantee you?

Here are some of the benefits you get for opting to use these mobile services;

  • Availability of mobile money services that are independent of the mobile operator to which the sender or receiver is subscribed to. This makes money reception easy for the beneficiary who can be served at any Express Union office they choose;
  • Money transactions and the payment of diverse bills from anywhere and at any time;
  • Rapid, instant, convenient, simple, and secure mobile money services;

How do you subscribe to the EU Mobile wallet?

The creation of an EU mobile money account demands your presence at an EXPRESS UNION office with the following documents:

  • A photocopy of your valid passport, National ID card, or residence permit for foreigners (whereon you sign thrice);
  • A copy of any electricity (ENEO)/water (CAMWATER) bill or location plan of your residence;
  • Two 4×4 passport size photographs – this can be taken at the EU branch using their webcam.

How do you withdraw Money from your Express Union(EU) Mobile Money Account?

This can be done in two ways:

  • Direct withdrawal: go to the branch at which your account was created (home branch) to collect your money.
  • Remote withdrawal: visit a branch other than your home branch, make use of the following syntax SMS to validate the transaction by sending it to 8081

RE (spacing) Agent Account (spacing) Amount (spacing) MPIN.

For example RE 00001234 5000 1234

How do you send money from an Express Union(EU) Mobile Account?

A few options exist for this purpose when using your mobile phone:

  • Internet: visit Google Play with your android and download the EU Mobile Money;
  • USSD Code: simply dial *050# on your mobile phone and follow instructions;
  • Via call: execute a vocal Call or IVRS to either 8007 or 8081 and follow instructions;

How do you Withdraw Money from your account at a counter?

Here is what you can do to withdraw money;

  • Visit an EXPRESS UNION branch with your valid national identity card;
  • Get the withdrawal operation form and fill in the required information. Endeavor to correctly indicate the following on the form: amount, ID number, and operation code

Save yourself the stress, download the Express Union Mobile Money Cameroon app directly from Google Play HERE

Once the download is ended, endeavor to set up your app using the Settings menu.

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