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GCE Results 2020 Published with Grades | O/A Levels

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education board commonly known as GCE Board with motto “Measuring learning with honesty” is a descendant of the famous General Certificate of Education board which is and was functional in the United Kingdom.

GCE Results 2020 Cameroon General Certificate of Education

Before 1993, Anglophone Cameroonians wrote an end of course exam from the GCE board in the United Kingdom (UK). This was because they were colonies of the UK and followed and still follows the Anglo-Saxon system of education. The courses are arranged into the Ordinary level (O level) and the Advanced level (A level) in order to the difficulty. The Cameroon GCE board has as main office in Molyko -Buea in the South West Region of the country.

The O-level and A-level exams are usually written in the month of June, marking and grading is done in July and results published in August. The marking is done by Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) for the multiple-choice questions and carefully selected teachers of the courses for the essay, structural and practical questions of the exams. The marking centres include different schools in the towns of Buea and Bamenda. Candidate’s scripts marked by teachers are supervised by a supervisor before the grading.

The COVID-19 pandemic is and was an integral part of 2020. The GCE Results 2020 O/A levels which under normal conditions should have been released or be released in the next week are still pending due to disruptions of the academic year by the pandemic. Initially, there was total stoppage of any pedagogic activities at the level of the secondary schools, followed by a release from the Prime Minister for only classes undertaking to continue attending schools. The pandemic had a direct consequence on the exam session which usually is done in June, it was re-structured to commence on July 20 – August 6 for the practical part and from August 6 – August 25 for the written part.


This push in the exam session has subsequently caused a push in the GCE results 2020 O/A levels which are only expected to be out from late September given that the marking process has barely started.

GCE Results 2020 Published with Grades | O/A Levels

The publication of the GCE results 2020 O/A levels which are pending has a great economic impact. This advantage takes the direction of the University students and students of higher learning who do script organising activities commonly called “secretariat work” and for teachers who receive a pay for script at the end of the marking session. How rapid and efficient their work is, is a direct representative of the authenticity and honesty (as the motto says) of the results.

Hey, “are the results out”, “yes”, “how do I get mine” is going to be a common question on the release of the GCE results 2020 O/A levels probably next or in the next two months. In the past, result publication was an immediate source of income for people who hurriedly bought newspapers bearing the results from urban areas of the country to the suburbs and villages. People and candidates who need results “quickly” were required to pay an amount before they could. This business was promoted by the impatience that comes along with result publication as the national television and radio body; the CRTV also had the results and carefully read out the results for the next week.

In the later years, (five years ago) telecommunication companies like MTN Cameroon made the GCE result publication a “grande” business where they acquired the results and charged each phone user 250 FCFA to acquire the results of a single candidate. Technological growth is inevitable, now there is a phone application which is responsible for results called GCE Results 2020 by Netkipedia LLC which can be gotten from Google Playstore. They are expected to solve the problem of time delay posed by the telecommunication companies.

GCE Results 2020 O/A levels shall as has been be met by plenty of mixed feeling ranging from extremes of depression of those who could not manage a pass to extremes of great excitement by those who made it. In anxiety, download the GCE Results 2020 and save yourself from deadly anxiety and impatience.

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board known as Cameroon GCE Board is the official body responsible for setting public examinations, marking them, and distributing results for the anglophone subsection of education in Cameroon secondary schools at two stages: Ordinary (O) Level and Advanced (A) Level as well as the award of the following certificates: Intermediate Technical Certificate (ITC), Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC) and Advanced Professional Certificate (APC). 

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