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Happy ft Mani Bella Mp3 Download – Je n’ai rien fait

The most anticipated video of the featuring between the very young and talented Happy d’Efoulan and Mani Bella, the Bikutsi diva dropped this Friday, 02nd April 2021. The song is a promising hit comprising of a mixture of bikutsi and mbole, the new genere mostly made up local animations that connect with the public. As you would expect, the pala pala queen and Happy delivered just what was expected by their fans.

Happy ft Mani Bella Mp3 Download - Je n'ai rien fait

After a successful debut single titled tchapeu tchapeu that took the Cameroonian music fans by storm, Happy has been rising at tremendous speed. He rose above the accusations of plagiarism, proved himself and kept going as he was solicited to perform in most major towns in Cameroon. He has had successful animations and concerts in Yaounde, Buea, Douala, Maroua, Kribi, and many others. Given that he started almost at the same age as Tenor and is going at the same pace, Cameroon Outlook is certain he’ll be joining the list of A list artist like Ko-C, Stanley Enow, Jovi, Tzy Panchak, etc.

Happy d’Efoulan was also spotted in the studio cooking another bomb shell with Tenor. With a mixture mbole and the violent signature of their voices with a typical DJ Arafat style, one can only look foward to an even more explosive outcome. For the record, Happy is an Upper Sixth student at the time of penning this article. He’s the Justin Bibier among his peers and his rise in popularity never seems to slow down since the release of Tchapeu Tchapeu.

Kindly find and download the new song below:

Happy ft Mani Bella Mp3 Download – Je n’ai rien fait

Watch YouTube video

You can also download Tchapeu Tchapeu by Happy d’Efoulan

What’s your impression on this song and what do you think the future holds for this young and promising Cameroonian artist? Kindly drop your opinion in the comment section. Best regards from the Cameroon Outlook team. Stay safe in the mist of this pandemic.

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