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Telecharger oh tchapeu tchapeu mp3 - HAPPY - (Les pleures du mbole) audio download

HAPPY – Tchapeu Tchapeu (Les pleures du mbole) audio – Télécharger

Tout nouveau single de l’artiste HAPPY (Contact appels 691509225) (Whatsapp +33 664673638) Abonez vous a la page facebook HAPPY D’EFOULAN Mbole different mbole conscientisant aux rythmes totalement differents PROD BY : SA MAJESTE JUNIOR ABEGA STUDIO : MONSTER EYE RECORD par Black mozart PRODUCTION : NSALEN PRODUCTIONS

Tchapeu Tchapeu – le mbole de Happy – video du audio officiel

After the explosive release of the Cameroonian hit Tchapeu tchapeu that turned into a mega concept, a fierce controversy arose with many questioning who the original creator of the tchapeu tchapeu concept is. Many strongly believe it’s HAPPY while a few think it’s Les Kankan Boys. Whatever the case, the truth remains that Happy was the first to bring this concept to the web and the media. It’s also worth noting that many think that Les Kankan boys version of Oh Tchapeu Tchapeu is rather childish or ameuteurish while Happy’s voice stands out with more maturity.

Several Tiktok users did their own version of the hit song and amplified it’s popularity. Almost every major social media music platform as well as mega artist picked up the concept with so much enthusiasm. Mani Bella, One Love, Malox, and several others appraised this sensational musical concept.

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