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Louis Paul Motaze Biography

Louis Paul Motaze is Cameroonian politician who has been serving as the Minister of Finance from the 2nd of March, 2018. He is the former Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development. He was born to Arnold Motazé and Mary Monengono on the 31st of January 1959 at Bengbis, in the Dja and Lobo Division – South Region of Cameroon. He is married and is a father of three. He is also a writer – l’Afrique et le défi de l’extension de la securite sociale; l’exemple du Cameroun.

His education

He attended secondary school in Sangmelima. He then went to the University of Yaounde and then the Cameroon’s National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) where he graduated as a Civil Administrator, Economics and Finance section. He continued to Le Havre in France where he obtained a DEA (Diplôme d’études approfondies) in public law and a DESS (Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées) in international transport in 1985.

Louis Paul Motaze


He has held many posts both in the private and public sectors. They include:

  • He initially served at the Economic Affairs Division of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon and also at the Cameroon Shipping line.
  • (1989-1993) – Commercial Director for Cameroon Airlines (CAMAIR)
  • (1993-1998) – Director of Audit and Management Control at CAMAIR
  • (1998-1999) – Technical Adviser to the Directorate-General of CAMAIR
  • (1999-2007) – Director General at the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS)
  • (2007-2011) – Minister of the Economy, Planning, and Regional Development
  • (2011-2015) – Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s Office
  • (2015-2018) – Minister of the Economy, Planning, and Regional Development
  • March 2, 2018 –He was appointed the Minister of Finance

Additionally, he has served as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Hydro Mekin dam, Chairperson of the Steering and Monitoring Committee for the project to build and develop the industrial port complex of Kribi and as the Governor of the World Bank and the African Development Bank for Cameroon.

Louis Paul Motaze as the Minister Of Finance

The Ministry (Minister) is responsible for elaborating and implementing the Government’s financial, budgetary, fiscal and monetary policy. In this light, he has been serving the country and ensuring implementation of the state’s budget. Recently, he presented and defended the national budget, instructed a tax inspector to return lost money to the state treasury and signed a decision for custom officials to operate to ensure smooth return of schools in 2018.

He is also supposed to revive the economy given recent recent threats like the SONARA fire incident.

Franck Hubert Ateba And Louis Paul Motaze (Heavy Accusations)

Frank Hubert Ateba took to social media platforms to publish a video where he levied “heavy accusations” against Louis Paul Motaze. Summarily, he accused the MINFI boss for being the brain behind his brother’s death – Ng’a Stéphane. He also urged the president to evacuate him for treatment in the next forty eight hours or he wouldn’t survive

“Tell him to evacuate me, because it was his minister who poisoned us. It was Mr. Louis Paul Motaze who asked that we be poisoned in a restaurant and the one who took care of this dirty work is Commissioner Bidja Didier; he was helped by a certain Nlaté Hervé, who claims to be the private secretary of Mr. Pierre Meba’a”.

He also accused the MINFI boss of trying to take over power from Paul Biya as revenge for his brother and aunt Jeanne Irene Biya.

More is expected from the MINFI boss in the future with Cameroon hosting the AFCON. He is also expected to maintain the economy through the COVID-19 pandemic. Hopes are he will use his experience from being the MINET boss, and work at the CNPS to enhance the nation through the Ministry of Finance.

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