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There is always a chance that your account encounters a hindrance which leads to the loss of your secret pin for mobile money. Your SIM card could crash, your phone may get damaged or even get lost, indifferent to the cause, and the endpoint is you’ll need to catch-up with the loss. Mobile money password (secret pin) as you probably know is that code that permits you to access your mobile money account. It equally gives you access to money transactions and other services offered by the respective mobile telecom operator. In this article, you will see how to secret pin works but before that, let’s go through a brief history of mobile money services.

What is mobile money?

Mobile money is a new technology service that permits clients of mobile networks to have access to financial services through the use of a mobile wallet. Upon subscription to a mobile money service offered by a specific operator, clients can use a well pre-defined set of codes to explore the service.

The use of mobile money is available for all users and does not require access to an internet connection for the execution of transactions. This technological innovation is an unbeatable financial breakthrough that currently permits its users to carry out a wide range of financial transactions both nationwide and internationally. The bitter truth regarding this mobile service is the fact that it is used mainly in countries where the traditional banking system makes it difficult for citizens to open and own bank accounts.

In Cameroon, mobile money was first launched as MTN Mobile Money (MTN MoMo) by MTN Cameroon in the year 2010. This was followed a year later, with the launching of Orange Money (OMO) by French telecom company Orange Cameroon. Since their creation, their number of subscribers has not ceased to increase due to their panel of mobile money services which is constantly under update.

How to handle MTN Mobile Money Password troubles

If you lose access to your mobile money account and wish to get a quick response, the best options are discussed below.

Steps To Take When You Forget Your MTN Mobile Money PIN

MTN support via call

In Cameroon, MTN customer support can be contacted via the number 8787. With customer support, your mobile money password (secret pin) issues can be resolved in a very short time. However, note that your correspondent will ask of you the following information: Registration number of ID card used for mobile money MoMo registration

  • Name as on the ID card under which the account is registered
  • Date of birth as on ID card
  • Last known amount withdrawn from the account
  • An estimate of the available funds in the mobile wallet

Nearest MTN office

If your problem isn’t solved via call with customer service, you can always walk to a nearby MTN office. An indispensable document to go there with is the original copy of the ID card used for the creation of your account. After providing some info among which your date of birth, and last known transaction, an SMS will be sent to you. In order to reset your secret code you will be required to follow the following steps:

  • Dial *126#.
  • Select “My Account” (Option 7)
  • Select “Change and reset PIN” (Option 2)
  • Select “Reset PIN” (Option 2)
  • Choose a new code and enter it to reset your PIN.

Note that, services related to mobile money password reset are totally free of charge both over the phone and at MTN shops / MTN offices. When choosing a code, go for a combination that is easy to recall at all times. Keep your password “Secret” and reset it whenever you feel it has been compromised.

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