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MTN Bundles in Cameroon

The most used MTN bundles in Cameroon fall under Pay As You Go deals which were launched at the end of the year 2000. It has revolutionized telephony in the country making everything simple: no subscription, no deposit, the customer is solely responsible for what he spends. One of the advantages it offers is the availability of bundles for all budget levels. MTN users nationwide can communicate and connect with ease at very affordable rates.

MTN Bundles in Cameroon

Benefits offered by MTN bundles

Very often, MTN comes up with new bundles that make it easier for its users to stay connected. With MTN Pay As You Go deals, you are guaranteed the following.

Conversion of credit into bundles: to obtain the best experience from your Pay As You Go deals, you are expected to normally convert your credit into a one daily, weekly or monthly bundle. Unlike paying for your consumption on a per-text, per-megabyte, and per-second ground, you can rather buy a bundle with a pre-defined validity.

Single product bundles: you can obtain bundles that cover solely text messages, calls, or internet bundles. Text messages are available for at 20 FCFA and 500 FCFA for 24 hours and 30 days respectively. Call and internet bundles are numerous on MTN Wanda and the youth deal plan MTN Yamo.

Bi and multi-product bundles: same as above, such bundles can be purchased via MTN Yamo and MTN Wanda. Users can buy a combination of products such as text messages and calls, internet and text messages, or 3 in one bundle. With Pay As You Go, MTN users have absolute control of your mobile budget, unlike the traditional deals; you are free from signing contracts and credit checks.

Offers and Data Bundles

MTN WandaSubscription*123*11#
Balance Bonus*123*11*99#
MTN ExtraSubscription*122#
Call BundlesCall to MTN*123*16#
Y’ello Night*218#
International calls*123*13*1#
Call to Nigeria*123*13*2#
MTN Wanda NetActivation*123*10#
Balance Bonus*123*10*99#
Data bundlesDaily Bundles*157*1#
Recharges & transfers*157*2#
Monthly Bundles*157*3#
Streaming Bundles*157*4#
Giga surf Bundles*157*5#
Night Bundles*157*1*7#
Whatsapp BundleSubscription*701#
MTN YaMoSubscription*220#
Unsubscription*220# then 7
SMS BundlesSubscription*148#
MTN Easy BoosterSubscription*167*1#

International MTN Bundles

Other than national bundles, you can explore the continents with MTN International Voice Bundles. Every user can activate these bundles by dialing the code *123*13#. Once you buy a bundle, your balance can be checked by dialing *123*13*99#. This service is currently offered from Cameroon to 16 foreign countries worldwide which are; Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Malaysia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, United States,  China, India, France, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and Sweden. The table below presents what you should expect to spend for bundles to particular countries. It is accompanied by the components included for each destination.

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