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Here, you will see the various MTN Careers you can pursue and what it takes to be part of the MTN team. The birth of South Africa’s democracy paved the way to a new era for mobile telecommunications in the continent at large and the country in particular. This was the foundation for MTN when it entered the telecommunications world in 1994 as South Africa’s second mobile network operator.

It aims to bring world-level telecommunication services to the developing world, whereby the journey began in 1998 with the acquisition of operator licenses in Swaziland, Rwanda, and Uganda.

Via its extensive investment in high-tech communication infrastructure during the last two decades, the experience and talent of people working at MTN have grown rapidly. The strength of the MTN brand has equally been elevated over the years; this is proven by the active operations it undertakes in 22 countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Currently, MTN is a JSE (Johannesburg Securities Exchange) listed multinational company.

MTN Group via its subsidiaries offers an integrated variety of communications services and products to its clients. These include mobile calls, data, mobile financial, and digital services which also extend to corporate clients, SME (Small and Medium-size Enterprises), and clients of the public sector via enterprise services.

MTN continues to believe in the growth potential of upcoming markets, and thus delivers quality services that satisfy the present and future need of its customers. As it leads the provision of new digital benefits, every undertaken enterprise, each innovative stride realized, each award-winning product created… all is geared towards bringing more brightness to the lives of its clients.

MTN Careers

What does it take to work at MTN (MTN Careers)?

To work at MTN, the “must respect” values of Relationships, Leadership, Integrity, Innovation, and Can Do must be expressed via the vital behaviors:

  • Complete Candour: ideas are openly and candidly shared independent of the person being addressed to and the level or working-class involved.
  • Complete Accountability: when there is a need to be accountable to results and commitments, as an MTN worker it must be done directly with those concerned. This is so regardless of who the persons are: senior leaders, direct reports, peers, or anyone else
  • Get it Done: when problems or risks are noticed, you as a worker are called to attempt resolving them via appropriate actions. If above your power, it should be reported to those competent instead of letting someone else notice the issues too.
  • Active Collaboration: where the need arises, the employee must not relent in sacrificing time and efforts to support colleagues in the best interest of the company both within and outside their function.

Beyond the above, you must be able to provide acceptable answers to the following questions:

  • Are you passionate about putting in your time and energy in making a difference in the world?
  • Do you live by and believe in the value of “Can-Do”?
  • Does your dream job checklist include “challenging work”?

If you answered a “Yes” to all the above questions, then you may have what it takes to be an MTNer!

MTNers are persons who do not fear challenges and dreams; those who opt for chances because they believe the benefits are always worth the risks. These persons believe in greener pastures and are willing to help realize it

If you have pictured this as a calling opportunity to have an MTN career, you are hereby called to join the MTN family which currently counts over 18 000 MTNers spread over 23 nations in Africa and the Middle East. Visit the MTN careers portal HERE and join the community from the inside to bring new rays to life.

Recent graduates are welcome and encouraged to aspire for greatness, consult MTN graduate opportunities HERE.

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