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If you are reading this article, I bet you are one of those uncountable persons who are constantly in search of MTN free internet in Cameroon. There are a few trending tricks on how to get a piece of the Giga cake internet services offered by mobile telecom company MTN.

Internet services in Cameroon

Thousands of people in Cameroon are always online in search of free internet to tap from with either MTN, Orange, or Nextel network.

It’s pretty simple to get free internet from these network providers but less easy to have access to it permanently. These companies are out to make money and will do their possible best to fill in loopholes where necessary. 

The point is you can get free internet with MTN in Cameroon, which takes us to the question: what’s next?

You may need free access to your emails, social media platform, or as most people for movies and online games. You will find below a few tips on how to get free internet service and exploit it to the fullest; while it lasts.

How to access free internet with MTN

Gather round, here’s how to go about it;

AnonyTun: it is an app that can be downloaded from Google play store for androids and apple store for iPhones. Once installed on your mobile device, you can get a secured internet connection via HTTP tunnel, TCP tunnel, or SSL tunnel. 8080 is the connection port required for its configuration.

Note however that this app can be successful for some and less welcoming for others. If you decide to have it running on your device, be ready to see an endless list of ads pop on now and then. With the AnonyTun free internet app, your patience will be tested very often.

Promotions: with ISPs in Cameroon, you get bonus or promo codes which can be run on phones or other mobile devices like MiFi to get free internet. The choice of when this free internet is made available however depends solely on the givers. It could be during a day, a week, or even a month.

Free IP usage on the Opera Mini browser: Internet Protocols or IPs play the role of identification for you each time you access the internet. To make this work properly, your phone should be of an android operating system or better still java running.  Once you locate the IP with which to browse freely, simply head for the opera handler and enter the IP. Oh yes, if you want to use free internet with MTN you will have to put in some of your time and a little brainwork.

Dial USSD codes: it is the easiest method to obtain what you seek and simultaneously the toughest one to breakthrough. A few of the USSD codes you can use are; *147*1# and *865*1#.  Try them anytime between midnight and 6 am.

Caution: this method is a delicate one if you decide to use your personal SIM card as it may end up blocked without prior notification.

IT guys and lovers of mobile tech are always on the run for new tricks to by-pass the traditional pay as you go internet services offered in Cameroon.  Stick around and if you are patient enough, you just might find that unbeatable way to stay connected to the world via the internet at no cost.

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