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MTN Jobs – Working with MTN

MTN is a powerful emerging mobile market operator at the front line of changes at the technological and digital level, and MTN Jobs allows individuals to join the system. From its headquarters in Johannesburg and through its values, MTN delivers a new and bold digital world to its clients across Africa and the Middle East – it is one of the most rapid-growing regions for mobile telecommunications in the world.

MTN Group and its subsidiary in Cameroon

Established in South Africa at the birth of democracy as a mastermind in transformation, MTN has rapidly grown by building the talent of individuals and investing in infrastructure for advanced communication infrastructure. It now offers voice, data, SMS, and digital services to retail clients in a total of 21 countries where its operations have telecommunication licenses. It equally offers large scale solutions to clients of the corporate and public in 23 countries. The MTN brand is among the most appreciated brands in Africa as well as among the most treasured African telecom brands.

Created on the 15th of February 2000, MTN Cameroon (MTNC) is a subsidiary of the MTN Group to provide a reliable communication network in the country. In 20 years of operation, MTN Cameroon has placed itself as the leader of the electronic communications market in Cameroon with about 47.2% of the market. Through its activities, it has also become a very important partner involved in the socio-economic development of Cameroon.

MTN Jobs – Leadership

The importance accorded to the well-being of its personnel and clients is a reason why good governance is promoted across all fields of its business. MTN adheres to relevant regulations and laws, King IV standards, and recommendations. It also continues to strengthen and align its structures of governance, procedures, and policies aimed at supporting its operating strategy and environment.

MTN Jobs – Working with MTN

MTN Group has a business model driven by its core belief that everyone deserves to benefit from what a modern and connected life has to offer. Through this belief, it strives to make the lives of the people for whom they operate a little brighter.

This reason is behind the over 560 million Africans have high-speed digital highway coverage, while more than 30 million Africans with MTN Mobile Money can boost a bank in their pocket. Today, MTN Jobs is a reality for over 5 million people selling MoMo services and MTN airtime and MoMo services. The company equally helps to empower over 4 million SMEs to take them to the next level. MTN pays special attention to Africa’s youth which currently has access to 925 media centers in operating countries. These actions taken alongside others make digital inclusion a reality for a great fraction of the African population.

MTN Job recruitment and criteria

Updates on new job opportunities and internships can be found on the MTN job portal. Every job offer put up has its specific admissibility criteria which can be seen on the offer. As regards internships, the following should be taken into account before applying.

MTN youth programs

The applicant to an internship must:

  • Have a professional or educational background in relation company’s activities.
  • Be fluent in at least one of its working languages (English and French).

All internship applications must be comprised of:

  • A motivation letter with precision on the grounds for the application, and indications on the applicant’s field (s) of interest;
  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae;
  • Copies of University Degree(s) or Diploma(s)

You can find current internship and job opportunities at MTN via this link.

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