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MTN Mobile Money login is a secure means by which you can access your MoMo account online. As you will see as we move on, this is quite simple to do. All you need is an android/iPhone and a stable internet connection. We’ll start off by answering a few questions regarding this service.

What is mobile money?

It is a safe electronic service that permits MTN Mobile Money wallet detainees to do multiple forms of financial transactions. These could include:

  • Saving of funds as in a traditional bank account
  • Transfer of money to other mobile numbers (to MTN and other networks)
  • Reception of money from other mobile numbers (from MTN numbers only)
  • Settlement of bills at MTN MoMo partners like fuel stations, stores, and supermarkets
  • Settlement of utility bills at Camwater, ENEO, and Canal + 
  • Payment of examination and school fees
  • Payment of travel tickets

All the above can be done with ease directly from any mobile phone. It is rapid, affordable, and secure. MTN mobile money is a mobile wallet service offered by MTN Group South Africa in several countries across Africa and in partnership with banks like Afriland First bank.

MTN Mobile Money Login

How does MTN MoMo work?

Like will do a bank account, MTN Mobile Money saves money in a secure electronic wallet solely linked to an MTN phone number. The basic principle is to do transactions between MTN accounts but there also exists the possibility of sending funds to a non-MTN mobile number and to MTN numbers with no account. For this, your recipient will be expected to come along with an identification paper prior to the money withdrawal. This is so because the procedure differs with regards to transactions between MTN accounts and non-MTN numbers or MTN numbers with no account.

For more info on MTN MoMo services in a specific country, kindly visit the MTN web site or visit one of their agents.

How do I use my MTN Mobile Money login?

There are several ways by which you can check activities on your account. The most basic and common of them is via your phone using USSD codes like *126# for MoMo Cameroon and *165# for MoMo Uganda.

Another way is by using the MTN mobile app which can be downloaded on the Google play store or Apple store. Once downloaded, the app automatically installs, and to access your account, some info will be demanded. This is where your MTN mobile money login comes in: it comprises of the phone number and your secret code.

Download the app here

Can I receive money from abroad with MTN Mobile Money?

The answer to this is “Yes”. There exist middlemen in the mobile money business that have made it possible to receive money in several countries: Zambia, Republic of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Uganda, and Cameroon. The funds can be sent from over 50 countries worldwide with intermediaries like WaZaPay, WorldRemit, Rocket Remit, Exchange4free, and Softeller.

Each of these enterprises facilitates money reception from foreign countries and reduces the insecurities linked to international money transfers.

Make your daily life easier with the use of mobile money services. Access your account and carry out financial transactions from home or anywhere else. Opt for the basic management system using USSD codes or go for the advanced ones online with the mobile money app. Use your computer to manage your activities in the absence of your phone using your mobile money login which is nothing else but your pin code and mobile number.

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