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Nathalie Koah – former partner of Samuel Eto’o

Helene Nathalie Seraphine Koah is a beautiful Cameroonian lady born in 1987 to a large family in Yaounde (Bassa). Her relationship with the football legend Samuel Eto’o took her to celebrity status. The same relationship ended up as a source of controversy in the Country and the world at large due to the circumstances surrounding how it ended. Nathalie Kaoh is today a well-known influencer, Socialite and Entrepreneur. She was working as an Air hostess when she met the footballer.

Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o Fils (born in March 1981) is a retired Cameroonian footballer (striker) and once considered the best striker in the world. He won the African player of the year four (04) times and has played for eleven (11) football clubs including Real Madrid at the academy Level, Barcelona, Chelsea and Everton. He is also a holder of the Pichichi trophy.

Nathalie Koah

Nathalie Koah and Samuel Eto’o

They were involved in an intimate relationship , when she was an air hostess with CamairCo. This relationship led them to have memorable times in Paris, London and Monaco following the footballer’s careers. It came crushing when the footballer asked for the return of the gifts he had paid for her (a SUV) and later masterminded her arrest in France under the accusations of Fraud. She was put in Prison, she later developed her writing skills and wrote a book about her relationship with the striker. This is what she had to say about these times recently; “The media were on his side. I had become the young girl who tries to destroy a monument. This story has shaped me and I do not regret it”, “What I blame him for is putting my photos online, exposing myself like this, in my nudity, and having put my life in the air”.

Revenge Porn – Foot, Sex, Money: The Testimony of Samuel Eto’o’s Ex

The autobiography was published in 2016 at Éditions du Moment in Cameroon. The 217 pages book contained details about their relationship include the footballer behavior right to his privacy. The Paris Court of Appeal banned the book in France stating that it was a groundless attack on the footballer’s private life and his private life was not of public interest.

Career and entrepreneurship

After the scandal, she knew her job with airline was at risk, so she decided to go ahead and create Pschee by NK. Today, she is the CEO and founder of NK Business and Co which includes Nourishka cosmetiques, NKTV and NK Production.

She is also an influencer and Socialite with over 1.5million followers on Instagram. She poses for magazines and speaks about her life with Samuel Eto’o referring to herself as a victim and using it as a means of encouraging others.

Her latest piece of writing “Renaitre’ continues to speak about her career.

She is also part of the cast of reality TV show broadcasted live – Les Lifeuse

Nathalie Koah’s networth

Her fortune is estimated at 120 million FCFA ($200.00 US Dollars). She is also the owner of a Range Rover Sport worth about 36million FCFA ($60.000 US Dollars)

With a business to run and a family to carter for, her story has taken the path of happiness. From a scandal to being an influencer, Socialite and Entrepreneur shows her desire for success and her work towards it. This should to encourage young aspirants, especially Cameroonians to always try to bring out the best of the worst situations life puts us in. She is a true representation of the modern African woman who strives to be heard.

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