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Nexttel Codes – Mobile Network

Nexttel Codes like any other Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code are codes that are programmed into a specific SIM card or cell phone to ease the execution of certain actions. Mobile network operators have rendered the use of mobile devices simple with such codes. Once you know what code serves for which action, you can smoothly run the code in just a few steps.

The origin of Nexttel Mobile

Nexttel Cameroon is a subsidiary of the Vietnamese telecoms giant company known as Viettel Mobile. Its brand name made of “Next” and “Telecommunication” was created to imply it is a telecom company aimed at continuous development for the provision of the best possible services. As the first mobile network in Cameroon to have introduced a 3G technology, it is the third mobile phone operator in the country after MTN and Orange Cameroon. Two years after obtaining its mobile operator telephony license, Nexttel opened its doors in Cameroon in the year 2014.

Nexttel Codes – Mobile Network

With a capital estimated at 20 billion FCFA, Nexttel company is a bi-owned company at 51% by Viettel Mobile and 49% by Cameroonian multimillionaire Baba Danpullo via his company Bestinver Cameroon (Bestcam). Its subscriber list of 2 million persons in 2016 earned it 4.66% of the Cameroonian telecoms market behind MTN Cameroon at 56.04% and Orange Cameroon at 36.83%.

Its vision aimed at supporting and creating conducive conditions in which people can stay connected is probably one of the reasons why its total number of subscribers rose to 5 million in 2018.

List of Nexttel codes

Owning a mobile phone and a SIM card is nothing new nowadays and users get to learn over time what codes can be used for specific actions. With 3 mobile operators in the country, retaining USSD codes could be quite a task especially for those who use more than one mobile operator. The table below gives the basic and most used Nexttel Mobile Codes, and their corresponding services.

Customer Service Nexttel8123
 For your Nexttel number* 600 #
For your primary balance* 801 #
For your bonus credit* 801 * 1 #
To recharge a credit card* 802 * card number #
To make a credit transfer (Ishare)* 869 * password * number * amount #
To subscribe to an internet package FLY or WhatsApp :* 865 #
Balance available on the Internet* 865 * 1 #
Enable Eco + (400% bonus)* 805 #
Enable Next15 +  (To call 15E / min)* 805 * 2 #
Consult your balance in Next + 15  :* 805 * 21 #
Jackpot subscribe to a package (Multiply his credit)* 860 #
To check the balance of his B onus* 860 * 1 #
To send a Call me back“CMB (space) destination phone number (space)Your message up to 10 characters” by SMS u 818
To subscribe to the service FUNCLIPSend”  ON  ” by SMS to 858
To subscribe to the service  I-MusicSend”  ON  ” by SMS to 811
To subscribe to the service MOBI TVSMS to 848
To block a numbersend ”  ADD (space) number block  ” by SMS to 808
To activate the junk fax blocking servicesend ”  ON  ” in SMS to 808 

Fervent users of mobile phones for calls, SMS, and the internet can testify to loving the Nexttel mobile network. Its welcoming bundles are at affordable rates and mastery of how each USSD code works saves time in moments of need. Though new codes are frequently being generated for diverse purposes, we hope you have found the basic codes you need in the table above.

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