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Olivia Song – the wife of Alex Song

Olivia song is a business woman who is married to star football player Alexander song. The longtime sweethearts got married in November 2006 when Alex Song had just signed for Arsenal football club in England. They can today boast of 02 children (Nolan Song and Kaylian Song). They both share great passion for fashion and it is in this light that Olivia Song has driven her Career. Unlike other wives of established men, she was determined to make a name for herself in the fashion industry rather than just enjoying the fortune made by her husband.

Her career

Being a graduate with a degree in Marketing, she pursued her dream of fashion and eventually took the giant step in 2012 in the political capital of Cameroon (Yaounde) by creating the NEXT Store (NEXT BOUTIQUE). With catchphrase “Be unique, be different”, she set out to show her light in fashion design. She showed her passion and skills in marketing by using advanced advertising methods like large advert posters alongside local marketing methods. In 2014, the NEXT welcomed the Tchakap System and the brand continued to grow. She has contributed greatly to her country by her entrepreneurship.

Olivia Song

ALEXANDRE SONG – Husband of Olivia Song

Alexandre Dimitri Song Billong was born on the 9th of September, 1987 in Douala. The 33 year old Cameroonian received initial drive into football as a career from his uncle Rigobert Song (Cameroonian Legend). He plays as a defensive midfielder or central defender and was so good at it that he has been called to play in 08 (eight) teams in his career including great football teams like Barcelona, Arsenal and Westham. He also has great international history in the football world, he played with Cameroon for the 2010 and 2014 World cups and also the 2010 African Cup of Nations. In November 2020, he signed a permanent deal with Arta/Solar7 in Djibouti.

Her family, children and husband

Olivia Song is mother to 02 children, Nolan Song and Kaylian song, whom she has raised in the best motherly way. She cares a lot for her family and occasionally makes it widely known to the public. The couple celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2016 and had these romantic messages for each other which they posted to Instagram accompanying an old photo of themselves. The first to write was Alex Song who had this to say “10 years since I made the best commitment with the best person. I made a pact for life and I am proud to have made this perfect decision; that of making a woman like you my companion for life. Happy birthday “. In the same light, Olivia didn’t hesitate to write an enticing piece “I remember 10 years ago when with a baby and no money, we decided we will continue our life’s together no matter what, we got married and since then, you’ve been not only my husband but my best friend and most wonderful dad I’ve seen. I thank God every day for his blessings and I hope he will grant us with a lot more years together”.


Did Fally Ipupa (Tokoos) date Olivia Song?. When he sand the song “One Love” there was a lot of rumour about a relationship between them. The artist had that the sweet melody was the words of her husband (Alexandre Song) to the wife. So the song was like an order (gift) for his wife.

She does not relent to show the love she has for her husband on her Instagram account. Olivia song also lives her life by her slogan “Be Unique, Be Different” as she is known to portray the face of fashion designing in Cameroon abroad with her husband.

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