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Online Census MINESEC

The online MINESEC census was launched in October 2019; ever since census staff was sent to the field to carry out physical counts under subdivisions. Alongside the physical census, MINESEC personnel are equally able to give the necessary information online.


Created in the year 2004, the Cameroon Ministry of secondary Education (MINESEC) is aimed at elaborating and implementing government policies related to teachers’ training institutions and secondary schools. The head of this governmental body is charged with numerous responsibilities among which:

– organizing and guaranteeing the proper functioning of both general and technical education;

– organizing and guaranteeing the proper functioning of teacher training institutions

– bringing up curricular and teaching techniques for both general and technical secondary schools as well as overseeing their implementation;

– bringing up curricular and teaching techniques for teachers’ training institutions.  Supervising the implementation of these techniques in collaboration with the Ministry of Basic Education;

– ensuring students in general and technical schools obtain intellectual, moral, and civic education in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic education.

Elements of the online MINESEC census

The annual census is aimed at measuring the progress of the Ministry’s goals and ensuring easy online access to documents by personnel. This digitalization is a clear proof of the efforts being put in to take administrative works in the nation to a better level. The Minister of secondary education via correspondence No. 1981/19 / L / MINESEC / SG / DRH / SIGIPES, instructed her Regional and Departmental delegates to carry out personnel count under her ministerial department. This mission is a delicate one assigned to the Department of Human Resources (DRH) of the ministry.

Online Census MINESEC

To properly execute this task, HRD staff has a role to gather all pertinent data on the effectiveness and presence of its ministerial personnel. The Head of structures is expected to provide a complete list of all civil servants, decision-makers, and contract workers under their power. Individual personnel on the other hand are expected to provide the following documents:

–           Proof of effective service presence of less than one-month-old;

–           A valid photocopy of their National Identity Card

–           A passport size photograph was taken with a white background. This should carry the name of the person on the back and the picture should be stapled to the National ID photocopy.

–           A photocopy of the passport or old National ID or permit should be attached to national ID receipts of less than a month.

Minister Nalova Lyonga precised that, failure to partake in this online census will lead to exclusion from the personnel files of the Ministry of Secondary Education. Fas such for those who have a little knowledge of how to navigate a website, this is quite easy to do. First of all, login into the web portal of the Ministry of Secondary Education then put in your user name and password. In case you have not created an account yet, click on the “Create an Account” button and fill in the necessary information. Once you access your account provide all details asked for and at the end of it remember to click the “Save” button before logging out.

The Ministry of secondary Education via this online census is determined to reach all its personnel recorded regardless of how far they are from administrative offices.

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