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Orange Cameroon Codes

Orange Cameroon is one of the first telecommunication companies in the country. The liberalization of telephony in Cameroon in 1998 led to the acquisition of a license in February 1999 by the back-then known company Société Camerounaise de Mobile (MOBILIS). After the creation of MTN Cameroon in the year 2000, Orange Cameroon officially became a subsidiary to the French telecom giant Orange France. Orange Cameroon codes are simply USSD codes made available by the mobile operator to facilitate the purchase of products and services by its network users.

Evolution of Orange Cameroon telecom

In recent reports, Orange Cameroon indicates a recent increase in its 3G mobile coverage rate in Cameroon by 11%. This was observed after the extension of its services in 185 new communities nationwide.

Similarly, this mobile operator declares that its coverage rate over the national territory has increased significantly from 68% to 79%. As one of the leading operators, it is well engaged with its competitors CAMTEL, MTN, and Nexttel Cameroon in the race for a quality 4G network

Orange is well determined in respecting the telecom regulator’s (ART) requirements which focus on the provision of optimum coverage for the major economic roads, zones, and rail routes, certain localities, and university areas.

Importance of USSD codes

All mobile operators make available shortcodes which can be used by their subscribers for services and product purchase. The use and mastery of the codes get better with time though new ones are generated frequently for a wide range of purposes. As a user of the Orange network in Cameroon, USSD codes are most relevant in the following cases.

Orange Cameroon Codes

Consultation of account and sub-accounts balance: this is a basic operation carried out by users in general. It gives you details on your credit balance, call, SMS, and internet subscription bundles.

Access to customer service: the importance of this feature is highly recognized when you find it difficult to reach an Orange house or sales point. From any point with network coverage, users can reach the customer service line for assistance.

Access to and use of Orange Money: this revolutionary tool in telecommunication enables you to save money, and carry out diverse financial transactions from your mobile phone. 

Aside from the uses cited below, Orange Cameroon codes serve numerous purposes which can all be found in the table below.

ServiceShort Code
Customer Service950
Know your Orange Number/ Mobile Number Check#99#
Voice Mail999
Access  Orange Services#111#
Pay For MeAdd « 200 » before the number
Account balance Enquiry#123#
Bonus Account balance Enquiry#123#,  then enter 0
Credit Transfer#144 *phone number*amount#
Send  a Call Me Back Message*146* Number #
Subscribe to an internet bundle*145*2#
Check Internet  balance (remaining volume)*145*1#
Orange Money#150#
SOS Credit (borrow airtime)#133#
Add a favourite number (Friends And Family – FAF)Call 915
Subscribe to Recharge Plenty (To call at 15F/min)#131*3#
Take Ya Own (offer a bundle)#131*5#
Orange All Networks (a flat rate to all national networks)#117
Subscribe to a SMS bundle#131*1#
Subscribe to Orange Bonus#131*2#
Orange Bonus Plus#131*7#
Maxi Bonus Bundles#141*5#
International Calls bundles#131*4#
Refill your account with a card#188*14 digits#
Orange Loyalty programme#140#
Funtone Call or  SMS to 986
My Health Line:SMS to 929
Weekend Surprise:#195#
Orange Pulse/ Night call/MegaWin#119#
Blackberry internet bundles :#145*3#
Giga Data internet bundles :#145*4#
Plenty Classic :#141*1#
Plenty FUN :#141*2#
Plenty Smart :#141*3#
Plenty Relax :#141*4#
Family Talk :#141*5#
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