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Are you an online game player, a movie fan, a social media addict, or simply a soul roaming the World Wide Web? Have you ever questioned yourself on how you could connect to Orange Free internet in Cameroon now and always at no cost? Settle around this article, there is some good news for you.

Before we get started, keep in mind that mobile network operators are out to make money with the services they offer. As soon as they discover their internet connection is been compromised, they can go as far as blocking your SIM card. So, caution should be taken all through.

Here is what you’ve probably been on the watch for;

How to access Orange free internet in Cameroon?

AnonyTun to access Orange free internet in Cameroon

This app is a free VPN tunnel, IP changer, website unlocker, unlimited bandwidth, and custom HTTP tool.

In Cameroon, you can easily get the blocked error notification while opening a web page. Sometimes you can find yourself with a warning saying your connection is not secured or even get blocked by firewalls.

The AnonyTun app is a solution that brings you a high-speed VPN connection with the potential of double-crossing geo-restricted services. Its Virtual private network (VPN) provides a secure connection to protect your data and privacy.

·         Its outstanding characteristics are;

·         It is totally free and does not require registration for the best experience.

·         It puts multiple proxy ports at your disposal rendering it reliable and safe.

·         It is speed guaranteed and gives you a relaxed experience during usage.

·         Its bandwidth has no limit.

·         The entire process involving the app is simple: download, installation, configuration, and use.   

As you should already know every coin has two sides and the same applies to this app. The benefits talked of so far are proclaimed by users though there are negatives to it too. The AnonyTun app according to user reviews is reported to be crowded with ads. Though it is said that upgrading to the premium version suppresses ads, many complain about it. Others report it worked for a while and later on ceased functioning properly.

Psiphon: it is an innovative tool developed by Psiphon Inc to offer you unlimited access to the internet. It makes use of SSH, VPN, and HTTP proxy tech to deliver unrestrictive use. Once you begin using it, the app analysis your moves to locate potential blocks and ease access to them before you get there.

Here is the package you get with Psiphon;

·         Wide network with numerous servers and entry points

·         Free access void of any form of registration

·         A diverse selection of protocols better than just a VPN

·         Stats provisions on in-app usage

·         Customization of configuration settings

·         Apps can be excluded from the VPN tunnel

Like the first, Psiphon is not void of disadvantages. Since the app modifies your computer proxy services upon download, your computer is expected to revert to its initial status quo after the app stops running. Sadly, this is not always the case and could lead to internet connection problems on your browsing device later on. The remedy to this is manual input of the proxy settings.

There’s always a risk involved so with apps similar to those discussed above. While we wish you the best experience using them, we recommend you always keep their negatives at the back of your mind. Similarly, some apps like Psiphon freely available for download and use are illegal in some countries. In conclusion, you can always always use apps like Anonytun and psiphon to access Orange free internet in Cameroon.

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