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Orange Money Charges – OMO

As per the Financial Acess Survey carried out by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), all brands of mobile money are a simple pay-as-you-go digital channel of store and exchange of funds using mobile money accounts which are facilitated by a network of mobile money agents. In Cameroon, there exist mainly two types of such money transfers: Orange Money (OMO) and MTN Mobile Money (MTN MoMo) offered respectively by Orange Cameroon and MTN Cameroon. It is well known to users of both mobile money transfers that charges apply to all withdrawals carried out though Orange Money charges are slightly higher than those of MTN MoMo.

Orange Money Charges

What is Orange Money?

Orange Money is a system of mobile money transfer offered to Orange users by the mobile network operator Orange Cameroon. Though money is involved, orange money operations do not in any way call for the intervention of traditional banking systems. In place of a bank account, users rather open an orange money account which is protected by a secret code known by the user alone. Similarly, unlike bank accounts that require numerous paper-works during creation, orange money accounts can be created by orange money agents using only a mobile phone and a valid national identification card (ID).

Benefits of using OMO

To begin with, statistics from the World Bank show that at least 1.7 billion adults around the world do not own a bank account though they probably carry out money transactions. However, the majority of these adults possesses and uses a mobile device. This takes us to the first benefit of using orange money:

  • It is accessible to everyone: with the purchase of a phone and an ID, mobile network clients can have access to all services it offers. This is in accordance with a report from GSMA stating that at least 3 billion mobile transactions are being processed daily on behalf of over a billion mobile money accounts registered worldwide.
  • It is secure: the creation of an Orange money account is always accompanied by the creation of a secret code that grants access to all transactions. In the absence of this code, money can neither be sent nor received nor used for other purposes.
  • It is rapid: before the coming of orange money, numerous were those who tailed-up in banks waiting to fill in bank forms before receiving or sending money. Today, the story is totally different as people can carry out money transactions from anywhere on the globe without necessarily going to a specific banking institution.

With all the above said, here is a table that shows how much Orange money users should expect to pay as charges each time they go for money withdrawal.

Table of Orange Money Charges

FromToOrange – Orange TransferWithdrawalOrange – Non Orange Transfer
506 5001%3%4%
6 50110 00050180250
10 00113 500100300400
13 50125 000150350525
25 00150 000150700900
50 00180 00020013501 700
80 001100 0002001 8002 300
100 001200 0003002 1502 700
100 001200 0003002 1502 700
200 001300 0003002 6003 100
300 001400 0003003 1003 600
400 001500 0005003 6004 000
500 0011 000 000500NANA

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