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What do you say of sitting comfortably home and carrying out financial transactions as though that’s the only way to go about it? Yeah, that sounds cool and it is possible. All you will lose is a little sum of money in the form of an Orange money tariff for or mobile money tariff for users of Orange Cameroon and MTN Cameroon networks respectively. Let’s do a little throwback to review what orange money is all about.

Origin of orange money services in Cameroon

Orange money (OMO) and MTN mobile money (MoMo) are a revolutionary type of Mobile Financial Service that permits their detainees to save and use money from their mobile phone wallet. Irrespective of the type of phone or operating system, this wallet can be used at all times as of the moment of account creation. It should be noted however that, the mobile financial service spoken of here is different from that offered by banking institutions. For example, Express union mobile by the financial institution Express Union is a mobile financial service that links customer’s bank account to an account on their mobile phones. Orange Money and MTN mobile money on the other hand is independent of any banking organ and solely tied to the respective mobile telecom operator.

Mobile money as in our current context was first introduced in Cameroon by MTN Cameroon in 2010 as a tool for boosting financial inclusion. A year later, Orange Cameroon brought their mobile wallet service called Orange money and thus became a fierce competitor in the market alongside MTN.

What services are offered by Orange money?

Very often, there seems to be a new feature added to the range of services offered by orange money. Here is a closer look into these;

Money transfer: with your account, send money to loved ones, friends, family, and business partners with an absolute assurance of destination.

Airtime purchase: as of 105 CFA F, purchase airtime for your mobile directly from your account or send airtime to others.

Pay bills: settle bills for utilities like water (CAMWATER), electricity (ENEO), and taxes.

Canal +/Canal Sat: renew your TV bundles with Canal + or Canal Sat before expiration.

Secret code: update your orange money pin code and check your transactions with this option.

BillsBill amountCharges
Orange100 – 500 000 FcfaFree
ENEO100 – 100 000 FcfaFree
CanalSat100 – 500 000 FcfaFree
Activa5000 – 10 000 Fcfa200 Fcfa
Activa10 005 – 20 000 Fcfa350 Fcfa
ActivaAbove 20 005 Fcfa500 Fcfa
University fee Specific for each university
MinMaxTransfer towards an Orange mobileWithdrawal from Orange MoneyTransfer towards a non Orange mobile
506 5001%3%4%
6 50110 00050180250
10 00113 500100300400
13 50125 000150350525
25 00150 000150700900
50 00180 0002001 3501700
80 001100 0002001 8002 300
100 001200 0003002 1502 700
200 001300 0003002 6003 100
300 001400 0003003 1003 600
400 001500 0005003 6004 000
500 0011 000 000500NANA

Hopefully, your questions on the orange money tariff have been answered with all the info given above. Make the best out of your orange money account not only through money transfers but equally settle your bills from home for amounts less than or equal to 1 million FCFA.

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