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Orange Money Web Payment

The world is currently in an era where the use of mobile devices goes beyond calls, text messages, emails, social media, and information. Mobile network operators have over the years ameliorated their services by creating new ones and updated those already known. In Cameroon, the use of mobile money is gaining more grounds on a daily basis as network operators keep including new features to the services offered. Orange money of the French telecom company Orange Cameroon is a service widely used by about 40.3% of individuals nationwide for a variety of reasons. Today, orange money is extending to online users with the introduction of orange money web payment. This comes in not only as a way to bring online vendors close to their customers but equally to serve as a safer means of payment for huge financial transactions between unknown individuals.

 What is Orange money web payment?

The E-commerce sector is significantly growing in Africa, thanks to local platforms like Jumia (Nigeria), Takealot (South African), Kilimall (Kenya), Abidjandeal (Ivory Coast), and Konga (Nigeria). These African born E-commerce actors are on this adventure with international firms like Alibaba and CDiscount.

Orange Money Web Payment

The growth of this sector is however so far held back by the absence of favorable payment methods. A great deal of customers still prefers cash payments and the situation is not aided by the absence of the popular online payment system PayPal. By introducing Orange money web payment, Orange wants to provide a safe and rapid means via which major market players can accept online payments. This service was specially designed for web merchants though it comprises other forms of services like tax collection, school fee payment, and donations.

Who can join the Orange money web payment ecosystem?

All proprietors of online businesses: manufacturers, wholesalers, or retailers can join and benefit from all the services offered by this web payment channel. Merchants who own business web sites have an added advantage in relation to exposure though merchants who do not possess a website yet can still benefit from this payment system. In either case, merchants are compelled to register officially with Orange Money merchants-fully KYA compliant.

It should be however noted that limitations applicable to any financial service also hold to this service which is an extension of Orange money. As such, it can be approved by a recognized central bank and is strictly monitored to ensure the respect of security and fraud prevention measures.

How to integrate this web payment service

The procedure to follow is quite simple: once a merchant subscribes to Orange money Web Payment / M payment, the system does an automatic redirection to the service website. In order to facilitate this process, Orange works in collaboration with integration partners in countries where Orange Money services are being offered. These partners assist merchants in the creation of their websites and help them understand how the payment system works.

Once the website is created, merchants are advised to carry out testing of the API before making their web payment available for commercial purposes.

Orange money web payment is a revolutionary service that is expected to take the world of E-commerce in Africa to a superior level. This service offered by the mobile operator Orange is currently in the following countries: Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Botswana, Madagascar, Mali, Senegal, and Guinea Conakry.

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