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The Orange proxy server is a tool that acts as a bridge between you and the internet. As an intermediary server, it separates end users from the websites with which they browse. Like any other proxy server, it provides varying levels of privacy, functionality, and security which is dependent on your needs or company policy.

When connected to the internet using a proxy server, traffic from the internet flows via the proxy server towards the address you searched for. Your request then returns via the same proxy server (exceptions however exist to this rule), and the server transfers the data collected from the website to you.

Functionalities of the Orange proxy

The proxy server can be set up on your computer, or at diverse locations between your server and the destination servers. Because your privacy is indispensable to you, the proxy guards your privacy by permitting you to anonymously browse the World Wide Web. The proxy equally allows you to visit any web site from work or school without worry regarding firewalls or geographical restrictions imposed on the internet. The proxy gives you the possibility to discover a simple way to use anonymous unblocking services. It can be used through browser software like Safari, Firefox, Bing, or Chrome, or. The tool is safe and simple to use, we advise you to check it out and let your friends discover it.

This is a revolutionary proxy. If not the best, it is among the top three proxy sites available right now. It is designed to build a wall between you and every web site you visit. To best be on your guard, keep in mind that this proxy is one of the safest ways to stay away from tricks by spies. As a regular user of the internet, you probably know IP addresses are continually tracked by third parties for the collection of all sorts of personal information reachable online. This proxy site prevents such persons from locating the IP address and location of your internet device. It provides the best way to unblock web sites via any internet browser of your choice. To get started, type in or paste the URL into the address bar of your internet browser.

Orange Proxy

The benefits of using a proxy server

To control internet usage at home and work: this is the most common reason why parents and organizations set up and use proxy servers. Parents want to be sure their kids are not watching inappropriate content online or visiting similar web sites. Organizations on their part want to ensure their employees are not centered on leisure searches over the internet during their working hours. By using a proxy server, both parties can oversee all web searches without necessary interrupting access to the web sites. 

Bandwidth savings and ameliorated search speed: a good proxy server like this one can greatly improve the global network performance of an internet network system. By doing what is known as cache, this proxy server saves data for the most frequently visited web sites making then easier to locate subsequently

Privacy safeguard: independent of whom you are, you can be certain to keep your privacy when browsing the internet using this proxy server. The orange proxy protects your data by changing your IP address alongside other identification info contained in your web request.  In this way, the destination server will not know the location or identity from where the request originated.

Improved security: this proxy server can be configured to encrypt your web requests and prevent third parties from going through your transactions. It can equally prevent known malware sites from having access to your files via the internet. In addition to this, companies can pair their business proxy server with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This enables individuals to have remote access to the internet via the company proxy.

An unbeatable reason why you should go for the Orange Server is to have access to online content which is termed restricted by organizations and governments. By changing data related to your location, the server can get you places in no time.  

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