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Paul Atanga Nji Biography

Paul Atanga Nji is the current Minister of Territotrial Administration and the Secretary of the National Security Council (CNS). The Camaroonian politician was born in 1960 to Marceline and Joseph Atanga. The Family of Joseph Atanga and Marceline was one of the great families of the North West Region and they were close to people of great importance at the time the likes of the former Prime Minister Solomon Tandeng Muna and the Foncha. He went to High school in Bamenda then he moved to Nigeria where he studied Finances. He is a practicing Catholic.

Professional career

It started with a program to reveal young talents which saw him chosen to meet with the Senegalese President Léopold Sédar Senhor in Dakar which he resigned from the same year.

He later in 1987 was appointed the President of the Young Economic Operators of Cameroon and he also launched his own bank – Global Finance (now the Afriland Highland Corporation) when he was appointed the President of the Young Economic Operators of Cameroon. He first met the President of the Republic in 1987 as the founder of Global Finance in Douala. From here, he was quick to meet Cameroonian ministers and eventually greatly influenced the banking sector,

Paul Atanga Nji

He then upgraded to security and intelligence where in 1991, he brought ideas which saw the use of motorcyclist against the dead city operation of the Social Democratic Front SDF – Main opposition party at the time.

On the 7th of September 2007, he was appointed the Minister In charge of Missions to the Presidency of the Republic. In September 2010, he became the Secretary of the National Security Council (CNS). Following the reshuffle of ministers on the 2nd of March 2018, she was appointed the Minster of Territorial administration (MINAT). He is the head of the departmental delegation of the Central committee for Mezam division.

Paul Atanga Nji as MINAT boss

The Minister of Territorial Administration is widely known for the numerous press conferences and interviews he entertains. He visits most areas of the country after undesired events including accidents (like the case of Dschang hill) and natural disasters and usually carries along words form the President.

He is also known to bring messages for the safety of the population especially following the COVID – 19 pandemic with his latest outing where he encouraged preventive measures and threatened actions against churches that preach otherwise.

Paul Atanga Nji social media accounts

There exist numerous accounts on social media platforms being his name given that he is a social media celebrity. These accounts are not verified hence, they are likely owned by different people who personify him. An example of these accounts is the famous @GrandAtango on twitter which has been known for sarcastic and sometimes provocative tweets against fellow users.

Atanga Nji’s over-exposure to media has made some of his errors like “President of the Government” instead of President of the Republic and “boyses in the bushes” instead of boys in the bushes to be brought to the spotlight and they now serve as social media slangs.

The Anglophone Crisis

He was one of the first people and minister to state that there was no Anglophone problem early into the crisis. In recent days, he has been quick to declare victory for the government while encouraging “amba boys” to drop their weapons and join the DDR centers.

Minsister Paul Atanga Nji’s ambitions in the government remain unknown. Some suggests that he has the position he has today because he spoke against the Anglophones. Others think he may move to ranks that involve national defence (Minsitry of Defence) in future reshuffles. The future alone holds the answer to what is next in the political career of the CPDM central committee member.

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