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Philldella Yve Biography and Career


Philldella Yve aka “The Captain” was born in Bamenda to a Cameroonian woman and a Nigerian man on the 24th of December, 1991. At age 15, she moved to Nigeria (Lagos state) where she has grown to be an Actress, Model, YouTuber, Motivator and show-host. She is unique as one of the few successful actresses with the dual nationality (Nigerian and Cameroonian). She is mostly known for her role in “Sponky Brown” aka The Shy Village Girls, also the Nollywood movie – Foreigners. She is a pretty, light-skinned, well talented and full of talent lady and has been fortunate or opportune to act alongside some of Nollywood’s greatest actors of her time such as Zubby Michael, Chinere Wilfred and, Chacha Eke Faani. She has also been seen at the gym multiple times for fitness sake.

Philldella Yve Biography


Her career in acting was inspired by cartoons as explained by her in a quote “My childhood was characterized by sufficient exposure to cartoon series on TV. The impact of this on my life became huge and the dream of acting found its way and gradually settled. My affectionate attachment to acting with initial attempts, staged in front of the mirror became an uncontrollable attitude, even to my best friend – my mum. Until the dream of becoming an actor turned into reality, I never stopped making frantic efforts to that effect. Philldella and acting have since then become best of friends. It’s my craft, I love it”…

Her love and desire for the art has earned a her a comfortable place in the Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) and she hopes to expand her zone to reach and involve the Cameroonian film industry, She has participated in the following movies; Heart of Love, The Chosen King, Foreigners, Royal Dominance, Sponky Brown,  Royal Appointment, Weapon Of Love, The Bride’s Maid, Joy Of My Agony, My Love For Tears, Vision For Royalty ,Mirror Of The Soul, Spirit Of A Dumb Wife, Palace Game, Hear Of A Maiden ,Bloody Moon, Throne of Beauty and more.

Youtube: As a Youtuber, she prides herself with videos (vlogs) aimed at motivating people to achieve the best life has to offer and sharing the lifestyle of a Nigerian actor to the public.

Show Host And Motivator: Being so good at role play and fluent in the English language, she has adopted public speaking, and show hosting as one of her activities.

Personal life (married, husband, boyfriend, fiance)

Unlike many other actors and actresses, Philldella Yve prefers to keep her private life to herself. It is only known that she is dating a man, but little information is known about this man and the ups and downs of her relationship. She is not married and has no divorce case.

Social media

Like most celebrities today, Yve runs multiple social media accounts where she shares about her life, experiences, and also motivates others. She also uses these platforms for publicity purposes.

  • INSTAGRAM – She shares multiple beautiful pictures off herself and others on this platform. You can reach her Instagram account here.
  • TWITTER: “African Actress, Model, Presenter, my life your entertainment! am not a saint nor an angel, but ma heart is definitely beautiful.” These are the first words from her twitter account that speak for themselves. Visit her twitter handle here.
  • FACEBOOK: Visit her Facebook page here;

Networth of Philldella Yve

She is a fast rising actress who has taken part in a lot of movies. She has an estimated net worth ranging from $50.000 -$150.000 US Dollars that is between 27.5 million and 82.5 million FCFA according to the present exchange rate between the FCFA and the US Dollar. Not all her income sources are taken into consideration here.


This is a success story of a young actress that can, should and hopefully has acted as a source of motivation to other actors and actresses especially those from Cameroon and Nigeria.

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