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Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions

Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions, are the new trend on social media with everyone questioning the “How and Why” behind them.

Twenty-six years old lady named Alexander Lucianas recorded a video where she boldly read out what she was ready to do in Dubai for a taste of the greener pasture. It was shocking to hear her talk of her body in a way void of dignity and consideration. One will hardly imagine girls voluntarily taking it upon themselves to endure such practices simply for material gain. Porta Potty Dubai stories and confessions are making people skeptical as to why young women from around the globe see Dubai as an easy territory for money-making. Since Dubai became popular for its wealth and possibilities, it has been a reference area for many youngsters who seek a better life for themselves and, or their families. It is a place where working petty jobs like being a salesperson in a coffee shop or supermarket brings a substantial amount from which to live comfortably. Over the years, rumors have had that girls boycott regular jobs for fast money-making activities.

What is Porta Potty Dubai?

Porta Potty Dubai stories and confessions seem to be something that has been existing for quite a while now though just recently revealed. The term Porta Potty is said to refer to things influencers, mostly girls and other young women do to get gifts and money from extra wealthy men in Dubai. From the first video that was released, anyone can see how disgusting the entire thing is. It mainly involved the young girls letting men defecate into their mouths in order to receive items such as expensive bags, shoes, outfits, and other materialistic things. 

Many youths believe so much in social media and that causes them to be swayed by things beyond their control. Most people think that all models, influencers, and celebs on platforms like Instagram and Tiktok are genuinely living the dream life solely thanks to their alleged legit occupations. From flashy fashion wears and accessories to trips, people seem to see life in Dubai as a bed of roses when they follow the popular figures on social media. Certainly, some work extra hard to get what they portray on social media whereas others are involved in practices that no eye would like to see. 

Reports say initially, Porta Potty Dubai was simply any event where very rich Arab or White men hired girls or models for luxurious s*x parties. In exchange for their entire cooperation, the girls were rewarded more than generously with a financial package. These parties could be held onboard a yacht or a boat, prestigious hotels, and residences. The s*xual activities involved are usually weird in nature and include the ejection of semen on a girl by multiple men without allowing the girl to wipe it off. From the videos circulating, what has gotten people curious is when the party involves pooping all over the girl even in her mouth. 

Revelations about the Porta Potty Trend

Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions No 1: This is from a Nigerian lady who shared her experience anonymously saying she was crazy enough to partake in it. According to her, she was told of how rich Arab men who had crazy s*x fetishes pay incredible amounts of money for parties with girls. She shared how she was gangbanged by more than 20 Saudi royalties simultaneously for a sum of 40,000 USD for a period of two days. She continued by saying on another occasion, she received urine and poo from her hirers during a party she agreed to.

Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions No 2: by a young girl in her twenties who said she was hired for two days on a yacht with Arab men. During the first day, she received semen all over her face and was not allowed to wash it off. On the second day, one of the men came over to her for s*x but did more than just that. He squatted over her chest and defecated on her. She was surprised by the action and in the panic, some feces entered her mouth and she began struggling to free herself. At that moment, the man slapped her and told her if she did not let him do what he wanted, she would lose the promised money. 

Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions No 3: Aside from s*xual activities, a few women have reported other bizarre things they had to agree to for money. One says she has had to accept beatings for huge amounts of money. She mentioned a day when got intimate with young boys who were barely 14 years of age. Her hirers equally had her drink semen and today she is the owner of a 1 million dollar bank account at age 24. She spoke out boldly and affirmed she can still get intimate with whoever she chooses since she isn’t retired yet.  

Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions No 4: In what seemed like a letter, a lady from Ghana confessed to a person she referred to as Aunty Ama, asking her to keep all that she said a secret. She felt the urge to open up after seeing comments and revelations on social media by other people. In her narration, she got to Dubai via a lady she met on Facebook who told her how she sold her body for money which later served for her business. Upon arrival in Dubai, she was taken to a luxurious residence where she was tied up to the bed by the woman who brought her over. A man came to her in the bedroom and asked her to suck his pen*s for over an hour. She got tired along as her jaws began hurting and the man beat her up telling her she would have a reward of 18,000 USD only is she gave in totally. After sucking, he sat on her face and asked her to open her mouth. When he noticed she was hesitant, he threatened her with a live snake if she didn’t cooperate. It was an unimaginable situation for her but she kept on with his demands. 

At the time of her confession, she said the scars of the whips he used on her were still very visible. The experience continued when the man stepped out and brought a huge dog to the bedroom. He asked her to suck its genitals and warned her that the dog could even kill her if she didn’t do it properly. The day after the incident, the lady who brought her over reproached her for being a weakling booked a return flight for her and gave her a sum of 7,500 USD. 

Porta Potty Dubai / Stories and Confessions No 5: Another lady who started up her adventure in Las Vegas found herself on a yacht in St Tropez with about 17 men in their fifties. She and 3 other ladies had been on a private jet earlier for what was meant to be an easy way to 12k dollars each. She had agreed to spend 3 days at the party and was certain it would be no difficult thing for her who had had nightstands with up to 4 men at the same time. Onboard, she was shocked by what she had to go through and decided not to partake and rather find her way back all alone. She reported how the men peed and pooped on the 3 other girls and did with them whatever they liked. As she shared her experience with a friend of hers named Nick, she was at the airport questioning herself about the choices she made that led her to where she was. 

Consequences of having an image related to the Porta Potty Dubai Trend

It is no news when the actions of an individual tend to impact the lives of many. In a continent like Africa where overseas is considered a big deal, families give in a whole lot often to have a member travel abroad. Parents gather hard-earned money obtained over many years of work to process documents, secure accommodation, and other relocation necessities. Other families go ahead to take loans from financial institutions to realize what is considered by most a dream come true. The efforts are usually collective and leave a financial hole in the entire family. Having these in mind, you can imagine what a family can endure when they realize their girl child is turning into a public toilet for billionaires and multimillionaires in Dubai. A few of the consequences that result from trends like Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions include;

Objectification of women: it is the most obvious impact when a woman accepts to be paid for services like those involved in Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions. The woman who is a being tends to be seen as an object that can be purchased and disposed of at will. The question when objectification is considered is; if Porta Potty Dubai is what making money is about, how far a girl is willing to go for wealth?  People stop seeing you as the human you are and in place picture you as a public toilet where waste is being dumped. Imagine how low people who sell their intimacy for money are being considered, how much more of one who is ready to take in poo through her mouth for some banknotes. This disregard leads to the next consequence which is more psychologically inclined.

Loss of respect in the society: for a family who is considered well by neighbors and friends, having a daughter linked with Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions can be more than disgraceful. How does such a family walk on head high when everyone knows the nasty things their daughter is involved in abroad for money? How do the little ones in the family get to understand why people whisper in their presence? Parents get ashamed among their peers who will obviously manifest or react to the Porta Potty Dubai stories and confessions.  In the past few years, numerous youths have lost all social ties with their peers due to involvement in activities that aren’t well seen. Today, the internet makes information propagation so easy that it becomes difficult to ignore gossip and rumors.

Loss of life: it is the last resort for those who do not find the courage to live past their actions and subsequent consequences. In the past few years, numerous young ladies have committed suicide after their inappreciable stories were rendered public. Was the pressure above what she could hold? Did she realize how low she had stooped for some money and fame? Did her family cut ties with her after finding out what she did? So many questions as to why people prefer putting an end to their life when they realize their secrets are no longer in the privacy zone. Life is a beautiful experience that most people want to make the best out of it yet the choices one makes greatly influence how life turns out.

The release of videos on Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions now leads to what I call the generalization of all girls who make it in Dubai. As earlier mentioned, Dubai is a country that offers many financial openings for those who are ready to work genuinely. The most common jobs held by youngsters in Dubai include salespeople in restaurants, coffee shops, fueling stations, shops, and supermarkets. These positions are accepted by many youths who see it as an opportunity to make money in view of a better future. 

However, Porta Potty Dubai Stories and Confessions have rendered many people doubtful about the actual activities carried out by their family members, friends, and or relatives in Dubai. This is naturally unfair for those who hold many hours of work per day to afford the life they have. With the trend, it becomes difficult to know who is real in Dubai and who isn’t. Everyone finds themselves pointed at even indirectly by those who watch the Porta Potty Dubai videos from around the globe. Some of the ladies involved in this unthinkable way of money-making regret the choices they have made while others stand firm, “it is money at all cost”.

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