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The Orange Flybox is a Huawei router that enables Orange users to set up Wi-Fi or wired connections for use in their homes and offices, void of the use of an internet fixed-line. Today we want to take you through a little tour to provide answers to the question: how do I recharge flybox 4G?

Options for recharging 4G flybox or domino (Recharge Flybox 4G)

Option 1: Take Ya Own Data

This offer saves you from the stress of removing and later putting back the SIM card of your flybox or domino. All you need is to have the contact number of the individual from whom you obtained the internet plan. Once this is done, follow the steps below:

  • Dial the USSD code # 145 # then confirm.
  • Choose option 5 on the menu “Take Ya Own Data” then choose the package that best suits you.
  • Then fill in the number of the SIM card found in your Flybox or domino.
  • Double-check and confirm your choice.
  • Await the reception of your confirmation message.

Option 2: Subscription to an internet offer

You can equally subscribe directly to any offer of your choice. Unlike the above, the first thing to do will be to remove your SIM card from your internet device. Then insert it into a phone and subscribe to an internet offer by dialing the USSD code #145#. You can also go directly for the Giga Data bundle by dialing # 145 * 4 #.

Good to know: below, you would find the configuration steps you need to use to configure your internet equipment. These are:

IP address connection:

Recharge Flybox 4G

Configuration identifiers:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

You can likewise have access to the installation procedure via the dedicated YouTube account. You will also find how to activate and recharge your connectivity device.

For additional info, you can contact orange care center via 950 (free) or contact 696 400 400 (100F / min).

Safety precautions to take with your flybox

  • Do not put on your connectivity device when its use is prohibited or when interference or risks are tied to its usage.
  • Do not use your device while on the steering wheel.
  • Abide by the rules and regulations in health care units and hospitals.
  • Keep your device witched off near the medical apparatus.
  • Keep your device switched off in an aircraft. With the device on, it may cause interference with the aircraft’s control signals.
  • Keep your device switched off near high-precision electronic apparatus. The performance of the tools may be affected by internet device signals.
  • At no moment should you attempt to disassemble your device or its accessories. Only qualified personnel are permitted to open up repair the device.
  • Avoid placing your device or its accessories near the apparatus with a powerful electromagnetic field.
  • Avoid placing your device near magnetic media storage. Radiation from your device may wipe-off the information stored on the storage unit.
  • Keep your device away from places with a high-temperature. Avoid using it in places susceptible to ignition or containing flammable gas such as a fuel station.
  • Keep your device and its accessories from the reach of children. Children should not use your device without appropriate guidance.
  • Use only batteries, accessories, and chargers approved by the manufacturer to avoid an explosion.
  • Know and observe the laws or regulations on the use of your device.
  • Always respect the privacy and legal rights of others when using your device.

Recharge flybox 4G and get additional benefits if it’s an upgraded version. Use the Parental Control feature to make browsing safe for your kids. Enjoy swift and safe wireless connection with the flybox at home and elsewhere.

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