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The internet has been real busy recently as on this 9th of December 2020, the MTVBaseAfrica team revealed the categories and nominees for the 2021 MTV Mama awards to take place in Kampala, Uganda. Stanley Enow from Cameroon has bagged a nomination under the category “Best Francophone Artiste”.

We have not been on some prestigious awards for years now, but is that what we deserve? Well, I’m not really concerned about the nominees, but I’m amazed at how MTV has not changed, and still nominate Cameroonians under Francophone Africa despite the existence of an Anglosaxon culture back here. It still brings up the vital questions whether, is it because of our location in central Africa, ( Which is also west though) or the fact that Cameroonians seem to sing a lot in French to satisfy the francophone audience, given that the country is bilingual? In 2004, Jovi was nominated under this same category as Stanley and he snubbed it because according to him, it was disrespectful. He did not even attend.

Stanley Enow and Jovi - the origin of the problem that destroyed Cameroon's music industry

So what do we have to do, to get respect? Question for another day.

If we are what we are today, it’s because of MTV Awards. MTV brought us a Jovi/ Stanley Enow rivalry that has been on fire for almost a decade now. Wety causam? If Stanley Enow won in 2014 at the MTV Mama Awards South Africa, it was partly thanks to Jovi’s mobilization. Jovi was the hottest rapper in 2014 and was very proud seeing a brother getting nominated under a movement he had birthed. He rallied his fans and the industry to vote for Stanley Enow.

He even had a placard he wrote on “Vote for Stanley Enow, and they massively did. It had Stanley Enow defeating Burna Boy, Phyno and many others under the Best New Act category. That was the power of a united industry under Jovi’s influence. Unfortunately, the award came with many other things to the baby industry, and till today the Camer showbiz has never been able to skyrocket. Stanley Enow had become the untouchable boss.

The only Bayangi boy to bag an MTV so everyone had to approach his car doors with caution. It was a whole pride show from Tv stations, to interviews etc. I remember watching an interview on pulse Naija and Stanley Enow blatantly declared there is a rift between him and Jovi because Jovi is jealous of him. Seriously? We know the Calagan, Locko, Dynasty le Tigre stories. I dont really want to name everything, but if you’ve followed Camer showbiz for a while, then you should know all these.

Stanley Enow and Jovi - the origin of the problem that destroyed Cameroon's music industry

Its still the reasons why Stanley Enow has unsettled beef in the industry, and his other ways of making music has brought double sentences on him. That’s why people get emotional and say he is the most hated artiste, but do you always think of the genesis? Here we are in 2020 and there has never been a reconciliation between Jovi and Stanley Enow ( Mbokogang vs King Kong Gang).

Now that this is 2020 and the industry has not solved its problems, do you think Stanley Enow will ever get the total support of the industry for this nomination? Is rallying the Mbokogang to vote for him not hypocrisy at this point in time? Will he beat Innoss B, Fally Ipupa, Gaz Mawete, Suspect 95 on his own? Can the industry return to default settings? Should everyone forget their differences at this moment and vote Stanley? If yes, then follow link in comment. What do you think is the way forward?

Source: Mybebine

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