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The University of Bamenda

The University of Bamenda (UBa) is an Anglo-Saxon University located in Bamenda (Bambili) in the North West Region of Cameroon. It is the second state Anglo-Saxon university after the University of Buea (UB). It was created by a Presidential Decree – Decree n° 2010/371 of December 14, 2010. With goals of Teaching, Research and Outreach as most universities, it is the last of the eight state universities in the Republic of Cameroon. The main campus is found in Bambili, a subdivision of Mezam Division with English, English Pidgin and the dialect as main languages in the area. Students of the Faculty of Health Sciences of higher levels attend classes besides the Regional Hospital Bamenda where they undergo their practical training. It has as Motto “Service to mankind for the glory to God”

The University of Bamenda


UBa has as mission to prepare students on Knowledge in arts, sciences and technology. It aims to build up the spirit of critical and constructive thinking that lead to new initiatives. They also aim to provide students with the necessary leadership that should get them through the environment. The university also has a mission – innovation given the constantly changing nature of science and technology to meet up with the global village.


A student of UBa is also groomed in the following values. Transformation for equity and fairness, Respect for diversity, Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, engagement, Student and people-centeredness.

These core values of transformation are carefully selected from people with exemplary leadership and also based on the different religious and cultural values of the community.

The organisation of the Administration

Similar to other state universities, the University of Bamenda has the Minister of Higher Education – Jacques FAME NDONGO as the most top official. Then is the Pro Chancellor, Vice Chancellor – Prof. TAFAH EDOKAT who is assisted by a Registrar. Each faculty is headed by a Dean and Vice-Dean and each school by Directors. Every department by the Head of Department and the Student body by the President of the Student Union.


Admissions into the six (06) schools of the university are through a highly competitive entrance examination which is usually launched annually. They usually involve a written part and an oral part. Admissions into the faculty is done following a registration process and the study of presented results and files. Students can create an account, login and fill the admission form for the university from their website.

All students are expected to have passed English Language as a student in the GCE Ordinary level or show a proof of English proficiency.

The University of Bamenda and The Covid-19 Pandemic

Like most public bodies in the world, UBa has been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic but they have taken responsible measures for continuity of activities and prevention of its spread. These measures include, Compulsory wearing of face masks for students, lecturers and workers, the provision of numerous points on campus where hands can safely be washed, introduction of an online learning platform, lectures are being encouraged to take place online as did happen for most of the second semester of the 2019/2020 academic year.

The faculties and schools

UBa is made up of Six (06) faculties and six (06) schools. The faculties include:

  • The Faculty of Arts
  • The Faculty of Economics and Management Science
  • The Faculty of Science
  • The Faculty of Education
  • The Faculty of Health Sciences
  • The Faculty of Law and Political Science.

The university has the following schools (institutes):

  • The College of Technology (COLTECH)
  • The Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College (ENSET)
  • The Higher Teachers’ Training College (ENSAB Bambili)
  • The Higher Institute of Commerce and Management (HICM)
  • The Higher Institute of Transport and Logistics (HITL)
  • National Higher Polytechnic Institute (NAHPI)

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