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Yoomee – Mobile telecom Operator was created in 2011 and has its headquarters in Douala, precisely at Akwa – Carrefour sale des fêtes. Inquiries can be sent directly to them via their email address

General info on Yoomee

First off, here is the countdown of all CEOs from creation:

Successive CEOs of Yoomee – Mobile telecom Operator

PeriodLast name and first names
2018 – Julius Caesar LENGUE
2015 – 2018Emmanuel FORSON
xxxx – 2015Mounir QALAM
2013 – xxxxLex GUEZ
 2011 – 2013Stéphane ABRAHAMS

A brief history of the enterprise

  • 2010: Introduction of the Yoomee offer.
  • 2010: Acquisition of operator licenses from ART
  • 2011: Establishment of Yoomee Cameroon as a subsidiary of the Group Yoomee Africa. This was done under the appellation HTT Telecom SA
  • 2011: Kick-off of activities in Douala and Yaounde
  • 2016: Yoomee privatized mainly to Cameroonians and thus departs from Yoomee Africa group to become Yoomee Cameroon.
  • 2017: Yoomee Cameroon became a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).
  • Following an agreement signed with Camtel which already had infrastructures in place, Yoomee set in to specialize in data.
  • 2017: change of name from Yoomee Cameroon to Yoomee Mobile with 100% Cameroonian shareholders.
Yoomee - Mobile Telecom Operator

Partners and collaborators of Yoomee – Mobile Telecom Operator

PartnerType or ObjectStart dateEnd date
Ministry of Posts and TelecommunicationsSector supervision2011
ARTSector regulation2010
CAMTELOperation of technical infrastructure Marketing of mobile telephony products and internet connectivity solutions2017  –
DOUALA UNIVERSITYInstallation of a wifi network at the University of Douala2012  –
MICROSOFTDevelopment of Yoomee Live on Microsoft Windows Live20112014
ALCATEL – LUCENTDeployment of 4G LTE2013  –
ANTICMarketing of the domain 2013  –
GICAMEmployers’ union 2013  –
MTN CameroonPurchase of Internet credit by mobile money2013  –
PMUCMarketing of recharge cards 2013  –
TOTALMarketing of recharge cards 2013  –
MRSMarketing of recharge cards 2013  –
EXPRESS UNIONMarketing of recharge cards 2013  –
PEYRISSAC GALLERIESMarketing of recharge cards 2013  –
DOVV SUPERMARKETSMarketing of recharge cards 2013  –
EASYPAYMarketing of recharge cards 2013  –
AFRIKPAYMarketing of recharge cards 2013  –
MAVIANCEMarketing of recharge cards 2013 –

How to refill your Yoomee SIM card

This can be done in two ways:

  1. Direct and instant purchase on the web site through Orange Money, PayPal, MTN Mobile Money, VISA, or EXPRESS UNION MOBILE among others. With this classic e-commerce site procedure, receive your Yoomee recharge secret code by email and open a Yoomee shop account.
  2. Directly contact a Yoomee shop agent directly via Facebook, Whatsapp, or Direct message. Contact number: +237 242 99 88 67 or 233 50 5 00 or short number – 885.Data, internet and SMS bundles by Yoomee
BundlesPrice (FCFA)VolumeValidity
Yoomee Speedy-net D 200100200 Mo24 Hours
Yoomee Speedy-net D 500250500 Mo24 Hours
Yoomee Speedy-net Day4501 Go24 Hours
Yoomee Speedy-net Day 31 0002,5 Go3 Days
Yoomee Speedy-net Week5 00012 Go7 Days
Yoomee Speedy-net 125 00012 Go30 Days
Yoomee Speedy-net 3210 00032 Go30 Days
Yoomee Speedy-net 7520 00075 Go30 Days
Yoomee Speedy-net 10030 000100 Go30 Days

Yoomee mobile proposes 8 mobile internet bundles. You can manage your account, subscription and bundle check online via the customer care site;

Customer service885
Know your phone number#885*4
Consult your airtime balance#885*4
Refill your account#885*1
Airtime transfer #885*2*amount*number of beneficiary”
Consult bundle balance#885*5#
Access bundle offer menu#885*3
SMS and voice bundles#885*3*1
Data and voice bundles#885*3*4
EVDO data bundles#885*3*2
Data LTE bundles#885*3*3
Yoomee Family#885*3*5

Besides the above mentioned bundles, Yoomee provides 3 call bundles:

Njo’oh Month: 3 500 FCFA – unlimited calls

Njo’oh Week: 1 000 FCFA – unlimited calls

Njo’oh Day: 250 FCFA – unlimited calls

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