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Zuoix – innovative offensive information security company in Cameroon

Zuoix - innovative offensive information security company in Cameroon
Zuoix – innovative offensive information security company in Cameroon

Zuoix is a leader among the uprising innovative businesses in Cameroon. It was created in January 2014 with a clear objective of bringing solutions to all information security system related issues faced mainly by Cameroonians and Africans. However, this is not to limit their services as they can as well respond to issues coming from any part of the planet.

It initially came into existence thanks to its founder and CEO, Zuo Bruno. He started it as an IT top security company in the beautiful town of Limbe, Cameroon. Together with his highly qualified team, they have been developing and delivering security applications to small and big businesses in Cameroon and all over Africa.

Zuoix Cameroon has gained a remarkable reputation and an unquestionable position among the best security app developing companies in Africa. Most of their customers are highly satisfied with their effective services and are willing to recommend them to businesses which need information securities.

The importance of zuoix services in companies

The zuoix Cameroon business services have been proven very useful since their creation. The global hacking attacks against persons, businesses, institutions, and countries are fast growing. Many developed countries have already taken measures to fight against these attacks in order to be on the safe side but it seems Cameroon might likely not meet up the challenges if we do not work hard.

Luckily enough, we have the Cameroon zuoix business which is out at the forefront taking the offensive approach of protecting small and large companies from these hackers and internet attacks. Zuoix Cameroon ensures that your company is well protected and can stand all attacks from the internet without showing any signs of weakness.

Many business men and women around the world have had their companies ruined down by hackers. And we all know what it means for a person who has taken almost half of his/her life in building a business to have it ruined one early morning by hackers. This is a frustrating event which can send you to an early grave. That’s why you are recommended to stay on the safe side by inviting the zuoix Cameroon business security platform to carry out a series of penetration test on your business in order to find out and lock all weak holes which hackers can use to access and break your company.

Zuoix - innovative offensive information security company in Cameroon
Zuoix – innovative offensive information security company in Cameroon

Products offered by zuoix Cameroon

Since creation, this internet security platform has been doing great things. Below are some of their major achievements and products.


Zoomed is a zuoix Cameroon product which works by allowing her users to send SMS from their mobile devices to their cars in real time. This creates an information line which will allow them to carry out a series of functions which are much unique to the company.

ZOOMED came as a way to resolve the problem of securing vehicles with internet which is quite expensive and at the same time difficult to execute in rural areas where there is no internet connection. This product uses simple SMS commands to control your fleet. Many people love ZOOMED because it offers car tracking services at an affordable price and also uses a technology which is different from that used around the globe in car tracking.

With ZOOOMED, you do not need any internet connection to track your car since you’ll just be required to press simple SMS commands to efficiently track and find your car. This makes it a suitable option for those living in urban and rural areas. This is to say that you’ll never loss your car just because there was no internet connection.


This is a mobile app that allows its users to tune into their favorite African radio station from any angle of the planet. This mobile app makes the process of listening to local African radio stations very easy. This application was designed to allow complete interactivity with radio stations allowing users to freely receive and carry out WhatsApp calls as well as use Viber. Users from other stations have the ability to chat on the app and get their opinions heard from all places in the world.


This is a platform from zuoix Cameroon which was created in order to assist students in making better grades at GCE Exams. This platform creates an environment for interactions between students and teachers. With it, students can freely ask GCE based questions from teachers in Cameroon and across Africa.


AISCON stands for the Africa’s Information Security Conference. This conference is aimed at educating and equipping Africans with the skills needed to face the challenges of time which are popping up in terms of internet security.

Major services offered by the innovative Cameroon zuoix business

This company has been in place for so long that we can say they best master what it takes to offer high quality services. Below are the main services that they offer to the whole world from Cameroon.

Crazy coding

We cannot talk of supreme or crazy coding in Cameroon without making mention of zuoix. Hand developing is their domain of definition. They are specialized in writing all codes for their clients from point zero. Their coding abilities are unique and outstanding.

We all know the importance of coding now our days. No one will argue the point that technology is running on codes. And today, it is difficult if not impossible to take your business to the top level without professional coders. That’s why we should happily welcome zuoix as the best platform that offers crazy coding in Cameroon.

Web App Security

Many people are making a living on web applications while others have become millionaires still thanks to web applications. However, have you ever taught for a second about the security of your app? Have you ever imagined a scene where the app is broken into by hackers? It is true that these are not things you will love to live but be rest assured that they can come your way any day or any moment especially when you are less expecting them.

Do not panic because there is a way out with the Cameroon zuoix company. They offer the best web app security in Cameroon. You’ll just have to contact them and have everything about your web application secured from hackers. This is a better way to be on the safe side given that about 90% of global businesses are being attacked.


The zuoix Cameroon business platform goes to the extent of preparing everyone who is interested in ethical hacking training in Cameroon. They have great training courses on premium quality offensive ethical hacking. We believe that these courses can prepare Cameroonians as well as the rest of the world to be able to stand the test of time which is hacking. Due to their efficiency, we can’t omit them when counting the best institutions that deal with ethical hacking training in Cameroon.

Mobile app development

When it comes to mobile app development in Cameroon, zuoix is a leader. They have been doing it for the past years and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the sector. They are specialized in developing and securing mobile applications by using methods which have always proven to bring forth great results.

Breach assessments

There are very few companies that carry out breach assessments in Cameroon. And for sure, zuoix features among them thanks to its efficiency in being able to break boundaries just to find out who hacked you, how the person did, and why the person did so.

Penetration testing

Zuoix is specialized in carrying out an in-depth penetration testing to find out the weaknesses that can create hacking lines into your business. After finding such weaknesses, they propose security walls for additional protection. This makes them outstanding when talking about penetration testing in Cameroon.

This brings us to the end of our article on zuoix which is a newly growing innovative offensive information security company in Cameroon. We hope that you found our piece of writing interesting. We will welcome all comments and critics. Just remember to like and share it with your friends so that they can also benefit as well.

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