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Canal 2 International

Canal 2 International is a Cameroonian television channel that has directed its services towards information, sports and Entertainment. It was the pioneer private general interest in the country when it started broadcasting in 2001 as Canal 2. Canal 2 broadcasted music (mostly) till it was closed in 2003.It is known for its innovations and focus for the youth It was then diversified to Sitcom and newspaper editions “while pictures”. It acquired new commitment in 2004 and became Canal 2 International. It has “Always closer to you” as slogan. Canal 2 International broadcasts at:

  • Satellite: SS7 22O West
  • Frequency: 10986 Mhz
  • Symbol Rate: 30,000 Kb/s
  • Fec: ¾
  • Polarity: Vertical

It is accessible through all the image distributions in Cameroon and is also available on PC, tablets and smartphones by the use of applications downloaded from its website. It can also be streamed live from the website. It also runs social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook and twitter.


Ownership and main office

With head office in 877 Entrance Galerie Peyrisac , Akwa District – Douala. It also has offices in Yaounde and Baffoussam and has an increasing number of correspondents throughout the country and in the world.

Canal 2 International was founded and headed by Emmanuel Chatue. Emmanuel Chatue is a Telecommunications engineer, born on September 26, 1966.

Daughter channels

Progressively over the years , Canal 2 International has followed its slogan of being closer to the audience by diversifying its content to include new and more specified channels. In 2011, Canal 2 Infos was created and it became the first continuous new channel in Cameroon. Then was Canal 2 English that gave Anglophone Cameroonians’ the same television experience as their French counterparts as it became one of the first English speaking channels in the country. Then in 2012, there was the creation of Canal 2 Movies with the task of promoting the fast growing cinema in Cameroon. The youths were not forgotten as the creation of Canal 2 Musique which followed in 2013.

Awards and Recognitions

Being one of the first television channels in the country and with very innovative ideas has led Canal 2 International to a number of awards including:

  • The Innovation Award at the EUTELSAT Awards in 2012
  • Audience Award at the Organisation Africaine de la Propriete Intellectuelle (OAPI) Awards in 2017
  • It also received recognition from the National Consumers Foundation

Canal 2 International and sports

One of the main commitments of the channel is the provision of entertainment to its audience. This cannot be complete without the broadcasting of sporting events known to entertain and bring a lot of audience. It is in this light that the channel acquired broadcasting rights for main Sporting events like;

  • The National Football Championship in 2014
  • The UEFA Champions like in 2017
  • The cup of Cameroon with which it has established partnership.
  • The FIFA World Cup 2018 that took place in Russia.

The Canal 2 foundation

The Canal 2 Foundation is a humanitarian organization with its main objective to fight against HIV/AIDS and suffering. They have a number of international and national partners with whom they have brought initiatives to help at the Local (national) level.

Canal 2 International which was once referred to as Channel 2 is now an undeletable name from the Cameroonian society especially in terms of information (news) and entertainment. Due to its credibility and reliability, the TV group keeps soaring and has ambitions of being a standard of African television both worldwide and at the local level.

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