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GCE Results 2020 O/A Level Released pdf

GCE Results 2020 PDF O/A Level Published General & Technical

After a long wait, results of the 2020 Cameroon General Certificate of Examination, GCE have been released. The announcement was made by the GCE Board Chair moments ago on national radio. Ordinary levels results have witnessed improvement from 62.15 in 2019 to 64.04% this year 2020. The advanced level result however dropped from 74.24 % in 2019 to 64. 4% in 2020.

Abbreviated GCE, the General Certificate of education is an unadulterated UK arrangement of training embraced by Anglo-Saxon Cameroon. Cameroonians from the north to south and east to west all know there are two educational systems in the country. At the end of every academic year thousands of candidates of the anglophone system try hard to hide their anxiety as they await their results. What will be of the GCE results 2020?

Regardless of language and ethnic origins, all Cameroonians have a free choice of either going for the anglophone or francophone educational system. This choice is generally made as early as the nursery level though exceptions do exist for those who divert from one system to the other at higher levels.

Hanging tight to their radio sets, carrying out countless internet searches or walking in and out of school yards, students are usually in a state of unrest throughout the period destined for the publishing of the end of secondary and high school public exams.


The GCE Board Cameroon

Certificates of education before July 1993 were granted to Cameroonians of the Anglo-Saxon system by the General Certificate of Education in the UK through the Ministry of secondary Education (MINSEC).

The Cameroon GCE board was formally made in 1993, as indicated by a book named “The Cameroon GCE Crisis: A Test of Anglophone Solidarity.” The book says the making of the board was initiated by Anglophone local gatherings, for example, the Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (TAC), lead by Mr. Dwindle Chateh; temples; Confederation of Anglophone Parents’ Teachers’ Association of Cameroon (CAPTAC), with other worker’s organization bunches additionally assuming a turn job in the making of the board.

GCE Results 2020 O/A Level Release Date


At the onset, most schools offering GCE A-Level and O-Level systems were boarding schools but as time went on numerous day schools were opened which offered a total GCE course and anybody wishing to have English training are no more obliged to go for life experience schools.

The GCE saw changes in schedule content at the customary and progressed levels in some science subjects so as to adjust to the world’s propelling school program.

In Cameroon, the GCE Ordinary Level assessment is a 3-year course program beginning from Form 3 to Form 5 (Years 9 to 11). It is generally written in Form 5 (Year 11) in Secondary schools, in the interim the GCE Advanced Level assessments are written in Upper 6 (Year 13) in High school.

With the two English speaking regions of the country, the GCE board headquarters is located in the the South West Region (Cameroon) precisely adjacent to Lycee Molyko at Molyko Buea.

In the North West Region, its regional office is situated at commercial avenue Bamenda, a few meters away from the congress hall.

At the head of the Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board is Registrar Dang Akuh Dominic who was appointed by prime Ministerial decision of 31st January 2018. He took over from Humphrey Ekema Monono who had been in office since 2006. During his reign, the latter brought numerous changes to the GCE system amongst which

  • The creation of an electronic registration platform for candidates which helps reduce risks of errors.
  • The introduction of the possibility for candidates to obtain their results via a simple text message.

Besides those listed, one of the greatest breakthroughs of the GCE in the past decade has been the introduction of the Multi Choice Question (MCQ) format in the exam setting as a replacement to the structural setting of questions existing before.

The GCE grading system

The GCE system is being graded by the use of letters as a means of putting scores in a point range defined at the end of every marking session.
At the Ordinary level (GCE O Level), six letters serve the grading purpose: A, B, C, D, E and U. Grade A to C are passed grades while the rest designate failed scores. U is the lowest grade and stands for elimination.
The Advanced Level (GCE A Level) on the other hand makes use of letters A, B, C, D, E, O and F for grading. Passed scores fall between A to E while F and O are employed for failed scores.
It should be noted that, at both levels only the pass grades are mentioned on the certificates as opposed to the totality on the result slips.

GCE results 2020 & COVID-19

So far the General Certificate of Education exams at both the O-Level and A-Level were written from late May each academic year to mid June. After the GCE writing was usually observed a period of approximately two weeks during which marking preparative was being taken care of before the commencement of GCE marking.

This was however disrupted this year 2020 with the outbreak of the Corona virus in December 2019 which later turned into a Pandemic forcing all educational institutions in Cameroon to close doors in March 2020. The 2020 General Certificate of Education exam session registered about 135,568 Candidates and began on Thursday August 6, 2020 throughout the national territory. These candidates at the Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations were spread in 805 Examination Centers nationwide. Prior proper measures were put in place by school for optimal writing conditions in spite of the Corona virus pandemic.

As opposed to the publishing of the GCE results which have always been published between July 28th and August 4th of each academic year, the results in 2020 are expected in late September. This holds simply by the fact that marking has been scheduled to run from Wednesday 9th September 2020 for a week in Buea and Limbe in the South West Region of Cameroon.

In line with the promotion of the respect of COVID-19 distancing measures, an app has been recently developed by a Cameroon based team called Netkipedia LLC to permit GCE candidates get their results without leaving the comfort of their homes. For details on candidate results for 2020 and those of previous years, you can easily download this mobile app via the link

GCE Results 2020 O/A Level

What next after the GCE results 2020?

The publishing of the GCE results at the end of each academic year is always a determining point in the lives of candidates who sat in for the exams. University, public and private higher education doors are opened for freshmen to explore a total new milieu. The image of a more relaxed academic environment with new faces and less compact schedules fills the minds of future graduate students as they set out to choose an institution or university.

This is however not the case for everyone as some find themselves in the red zone with results that cannot permit them move on to the higher education level. There then comes the worries and stress related to repeating the same class while mates move ahead; the embarrassing sensation of being caught back with no possibility of runaway.

GCE Results 2020 was officially released on on the October 2nd 2020.

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    Am not seing the app created by the GCE as mentioned above via google nor play store and school is starting next week and no idea concerning the results!

  2. Not Lydia Nyifenjeh

    you guys should be patience. some of the workers at the board were marked absent. some where send to limbe and they had no place to stay they so they couldn’t go. the marking will obviously be slow base on covid19 and absenteeism. just consulting myself with this while waiting patiently . my centre is 11115

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