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Check and Download 2022 GCE results O and A Levels

Check and Download 2022 GCE results O and A Levels

When the final bell rings marking the end of the GCE examination session, students are likely to drop their pens and begin questioning how to check GCE results 2022. Nearly 200 thousand nationwide await GCE results during the month of august which is the period during which results are published. There are a few ways by which you can get your GCE results when the communiqué is made known to the public.

On the day of the publication, the registrar of the GCE board generally makes a press release and gives an insight regarding the overall examination performance. Once this is done, candidates, parents, and or guardians can check the GCE results through one of the following ways discussed below.

How to check GCE results 2022

 How to check GCE results 2022

Get GCE results 2022 on our website

We always have a step ahead when it comes to the release of GCE results. For concerns on how to check GCE results 2022, candidates can visit our website to know their results. We follow the activities of the board keenly and obtain the results as soon as they are available. They are classified under GCE General and GCE Technical. Each is further divided into Ordinary Level and Advanced level. Candidates can either view the results online or download the files for offline use.

Check GCE results via mobile telephone network companies

In the past few years, mobile telephone companies have made it possible for students to get their results rapidly from anywhere. Usually, a few hours after the press release by the registrar of the GCE board, a message is sent to all users of MTN and Orange Cameroon mobile networks. The message contains a shortcode or USSD which can be dialed to obtain results. A specific code will be generated this year alongside instructions on how to check the GCE results 2022. The message sent to the mobile operator usually contains candidate information, mainly; name, center number, and candidate number.

 Note that the use of such a code generally enquires charges that may vary from 200 FCFA – to 500 FCFA for every message inquiry made. After sending a message, a reply is obtained after about 5 – 30 minutes. However, due to thousands of messages being sent to the operator on the day of release, it may lead to network jams. This may cause the reply of messages to be delayed.

Get GCE results from the national radio station

One of the oldest means via which candidates have always checked their GCE results is through the national radio station CRTV. The Cameroon Radio and Television CRTV always dedicates hours on air to reading out the names of successful candidates in the GCE examination. Starting from a specific center, results of the GCE are usually read out both for the ordinary and advanced levels.

 For each center, the number of candidates who sat is mentioned alongside the number of candidates who successfully made it. Candidate name and number of papers passed are relevant information that can be retained during the result release over the radio. Read by order of merit, the most successful candidate per center and per level is mentioned first while the least successful comes last.

It should be noted that only the names of successful candidates are been called. Hence, it is most likely that any candidate whose name did not figure failed the examination. Though cases of omission may occur, the chances are very slim.

Get GCE results from newspapers

A special edition newspaper is usually printed out when GCE results are made public. It contains general information on statistics and performance. Though it is another reliable way to check results, the newspaper may take a few hours for printing and distribution.

Get GCE results from registration centers

Shortly after the release of the GCE results, result slips of all candidates are been transferred to the respective registration centers. This is done by the GCE board to enable all candidates to get to know their results.

The GCE result slip is the most detailed form of results students can get a few days after the publication of the results. It contains all candidate information including the grades of each subject written. While anyone can check results following the other above-mentioned ways, result slips can be taken only by candidates. Parents and guardians who are recognized by the registration centers may equally take result slips on behalf of candidates.

With all that has been said, the GCE examination stands as a test of knowledge for students about to enter high school or universities. At the end of each academic year, candidates are usually expected to provide better performance than those before them. After all the stress related to the examination, having good results is the best consolation for many candidates and their teachers.

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE) Board is the official body in charge of organizing end-of-year examinations for candidates writing the GCE O and A Levels. The Main Office is located in BueaSouthwest Region (Cameroon), and the Current Registrar Dang Akuh Dominic. The Cameroon GCE board was established in 1993 as a public examination body supervised by Cameroon ministry of secondary education in Yaoundé.


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