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MINESEC DRH Census 2019: Census Form of Staff of MINESEC Cameroon DRH


MINESEC DRH Census 2019: Census Form of Staff of MINESEC Cameroon DRH

Before you proceed to the CREATE ACCOUNT button to do your Census of Personnel of MINESEC DRH in Cameroon (Ministry of Secondary Education for Secondary School Teachers in Cameroon), endeavor to skip below first and read the instruction carefully before you proceed with the CREATE ACCOUNT button to get access to the MINESEC census form. This census process involves all public service staff working with MINESEC Cameroon

MINESEC DRH Census 2019: Census Form of Staff of MINESEC Cameroon DRH



Census of Personnel of MINESEC DRH in Cameroon By Agent of Human Resource (Fill the MINESEC census form carefully)

The agents of human resources in MINESEC Cameroon will carrying physical census of her staff as from the 21 Oct. 2019, the venue of this census Subdivision will be announced by the divisional delegate and all state workers under this ministry are expected to complete this process. All agents of MINESEC are expected to

  1. Go to the website and CREATE AN ACCOUNT through your mobile phone or computer.
  2. Create an internet account (for those who don’t have one)
  3. On the website above, click on personnel ->census (the filled in your personal information). Then enter to validate.
  4. Print the web page carrying your personal information.
  5. Hand the printed web page alongside an effective Service and photocopy of ID card to the census agents from MINESEC.

Census n°2 By MINFI Agents

Agents of MINFI (COPPI) will also be on the field for physical headcount of workers who will be expected to present:

  1. Effective Service less 3 months old.
  2. Receipt of last census conduct at the banks in the months of June last year
  3. Original of ID card

Cameroon State workers at MINESEC should read the procedure carefully as outlined and ensure it is being followed to download just the required MINESEC census form. 

The online Census of Personnel of MINESEC DRH in Cameroon is measuring progress in ensuring that Cameroon state workers can easily go about job requirements without having to travel long distances or paying money to obtain documents that are easily available for free. It is a true integration into the digital age and shows everyone is working very hard for the emergence of the nation.

Census Form of Staff of MINESEC Cameroon DRH Ministerial Order

Physical counting at MINESEC

MINESEC, 22nd October 2019

In accordance with the ministerial instructions, the teams of the Directorate of Human Resources have been in the field since October 21, for census purposes.

By correspondence No. 1981/19 / L / MINESEC / SG / DRH / SIGIPES, addressed to the Regional Delegates and Departmental Delegates of the Center, Littoral and West as well as to Heads of Institutions in the same regions, the Minister of Secondary Education (Minesec), Professor Nalova Lyonga instructed the census of all the personnel under its ministerial department. The delicate mission, otherwise known as the physical counting of the State personnel in service at Minesec, has been entrusted to the Department of Human Resources (DRH) of the Ministry.

The HRD teams aim to collect useful information on the presence and effectiveness of the actions of the said personnel in service, for this phase, in the aforementioned regions. For this purpose, it is required from each head of structure, an exhaustive list of all civil servants, contract and decision-makers of his competence. The census personnel, for their part, must bring the following documents:

  1. Proof of actual presence less than one-month-old;
  2. A photocopy of the valid National Identity Card;
  3. A half 4×4 photo card with a white background, with the name of the enumerated on the back to staple on the photocopy of the CNI.
  4. For those who arrive with a CNI receipt less than one month old, it is necessary to attach, either a photocopy of the passport or a photocopy of the old CNI or, failing that, a photocopy of the permit. To drive.
  5. It should be noted that in the ministerial instruction, Professor Nalova Lyonga specifies that the personnel who will not take part in this census will be excluded from the balance file of the Ministry of Secondary Education.

Henri Bomba / Celcom

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