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GCE online registration in Cameroon 2020

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education (GCE Board) organizes and runs the GCE online registration process to help reduce the crowdedness at normal registration centers and also to enable external candidates to register for the examination smoothly. Over the years, registering for the GCE manually in different centers has often been an issue.

The GCE online registration process has been highly applauded by both parents and students, given that, it eases the registration process and cuts off certain ghost costs usually inflated by “long throat” administrators in the registration centers. It equally helps avoid loss of data and certain nuances since everything can be tracked through an online database globally.

GCE online registration in Cameroon

GCE online registration in Cameroon

The GCE examination online registration 2020 session is in three phases, which include:

  1. Entering of information on the online software (always made available by the GCE Board within the period of registration)
  2. Payment of the registration and subject fees using the Mobile Money Service and,
  3. Submission of registration files.

Candidates are expected to have read all instructions with respect to the eligibility (Who is qualified for the GCE examination online registration) and the procedure to be followed in order to do the Online Registration correctly.

As for the GCE June 2020 session of the examination, the launching of the registration process is still to take place as of the time of writing of this article and the board is certainly doing its best to make the process as easy as possible for everyone.

We shall make available all necessary information here on as soon as the GCE Board launches the opening of the registration process.

The examination is normally at two levels which include GCE Ordinary level written at form five and GCE Advanced Level written at Upper Sixth. Note that the Cameroon GCE Board has both GCE Technical (for technical school candidates) and GCE General (for general education candidates). Check out the New Examination Structure for English Technical Schools in Cameroon (ATC & ITC).

Candidates who wish to sit in for the exam are always advised to put in their possible best to see into it that they register within the time frame put by the GCE Board. This is because it is no longer as it was in those manual days where the principal could always try to help late comers and or the latter simply paid late entry fees. Today, the system runs on an automated program and once it is the closing date, it automatically stops to operate.

GCE online registration fees

GCE Registration Fee:

A fixed registration fee is being paid with respect to the type and level of the examination to be registered. Candidates Registering for the GCE Ordinary Level pay a registration fee of 8,000 FCFA while GCE Advanced Level candidates pay 9,000 FCFA.

GCE Fees per subject:

The fee per subject also varies with respect to the level of the examination. GCE Ordinary Level candidates pay 1,000 FCFA per subject while GCE Advanced Level candidates pay 2,000 FCFA per subject.

GCE Practical Fees:

Any candidate registering a subject having a practical session shall pay an extra fee of 5,000 FCFA per practical session for both GCE Ordinary and GCE Advanced Level.

NB: Ordinary level candidates are expected to register for at least four subjects which must include English Language, French, and Mathematics. Advanced Level candidates must register for at least two subjects.

All other procedures/instructions shall be uploaded here in PDF as soon as the GCE Board launches the beginning of the registration process for the June 2020 GCE Session.

Brief History of the Cameroon GCE Board

The Cameroon General Certificate of Education Board known as Cameroon GCE Board, is the public examination board responsible for setting examinations, marking them, and distributing results for Anglo-SaxonCameroonian secondary school students at two stages.

Stage 1: The GCE Ordinary Level (“O Level”), a subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, for students having completed a 5-year secondary education program, with students qualifying to sit the GCE O’ Level examinations.

Stage 2: The GCE Advanced Level (“A Level”), another subject-based qualification conferred as part of the General Certificate of Education, as well as a school leaving qualification offered by the educational bodies and authorities to students completing secondary or pre-university education, for students having completed a 2-year High School education program, and who have previously sat and been successful in at least 4 GCE O’ Level subjects.READ  Cameroon GCE Board

GCE A’ Level examinations are written by upper sixth students.

The General Certificate of Education is a pure UK system of education adopted by Anglo-Saxon Cameroon.

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