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MTN Cameroon – Mobile Operator

Communication is an essential daily used feature. It is a vital aspect of comprehension between individuals. As the years progressed, communication has enormously evolved. The manner in which individuals speak with one another today is completely different from that of the ancient time. The earliest form of communication was interpersonal or face-to-face not like today where there is a variety of them. There came the use of symbols and signs, the alphabet, letters and mail services, and now telephones. In Cameroon, one of the most used mobile telephone networks in MTN Cameroon which offers a wide range of services throughout the national territory.

MTN – What is a mobile telecommunication?

Simply speaking, mobile telecommunication is a process that comprises the sending, transmission, and reception of information meant for communication over both short and long distances. The signals transmitted are assisted by different types of mobile devices among which phones and computers. By making use of digital or analog signals, mobile telecommunications permits point-to-point transmissions as well as point-to-multipoint transmissions. The basic transmissions available make use of a series of protocols to send packets or blocks of information. The different protocols used in mobile telecommunications require explicit activities taken at specific occasions all together for two gadgets to associate and share information. Every one of these conventions appears as physical layering, which is communicated in a particular way and eventually translated by the accepting mobile gadget. This incorporates time-changing plans and spatial-differing amounts. Contingent upon the age of innovation utilized, these conventions take various structures, with each progressive generation having the option to unravel the previous generation protocols.

MTN Cameroon – Mobile Operator

About MTN Group and MTN Cameroon

MTN Group is a South African company created in 1994 with a rapidly growing business in advanced communication structures. This telecommunication giant offers digital, voice, and data services to retailers in 21 countries worldwide where their operations have telecoms licenses. The MTN Group brand is one of the most cherished amongst all African brands and equally offers enterprise solutions to the public sector and corporate clients in 23 countries.

MTN Cameroon

Cameroon is one of these countries where the MTN Group brand is been consumed by millions of users with MTN Cameroon (MTNC) as a subsidiary.  MTNC was created in 2000 on February 15 following the acquisition of CAMTEL Mobile by MTN International. MTN Cameroon has in 20 years of existence placed itself as the boss of mobile telecoms in the Cameroonian market and continues to play an important role in the country’s socio-economic growth.

MTN as an emerging mobile operator in the domain sets itself at the forefront of digital and technological changes. The group in general and its subsidiary MTN Cameroon in particular, hold the same values aimed at delivering a fearless new digital experience to their users across the Middle-East and Africa.

The values of MTN Cameroon

  • It believes that all deserve to be partakers of a modern and connected life.
  • Its vision is to offer a bold and new digital world to all customers.
  • Its purpose is to make users see the brighter part of life.

At a time where technology leads the world in almost all domains, MTN Cameroon brings people close despite distance by offering them a very affordable voice, internet, and digital services. Besides the client portfolio of this mobile telecoms operator, about 19,300 employees in different nations currently benefit from the spark of light brought by its creation since 1994. This reflects the popular saying which goes; “MTN, everywhere you go”

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