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Vernyuy Tina – Wêh Wêh Download Mp3

Vernyuy Tina kicks off the new year with a culturally rich and original song Wêh Wêh released today the 29th of January 2021. Many of our fans have been talking of this song as many claim to be listening to it on repeat mode for hours. Cameroon Outlook brings you the audio and video below for you to download and enjoy.

Vernyuy Tina - Wêh Wêh Download Mp3

Performer: Vernyuy Tina

Producer: Dijay Cliff

Director: Chuzih

Writer: Vernyuy Tina

Choreography: J26 Dance Studio

Backup: Kemjei/Lanjo/Vernyuy

Actors: Marimma/Prudy

Drummer: Taahgwêh TiNation


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